Coverity fixes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2014-12-17 laphecetCan no longer use $ALICE_ROOT/OCDB so switch to raw://
2014-12-15 cleanup: more gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 agrigoraDA rpms
2014-12-15 hristovResolving all symbols in the library
2014-12-15 agrigoraFixes for object target dependencies
2014-12-15 agrigoraVZERO DAs + Object target dependencies
2014-12-15 agrigoraDAs optimize flag
2014-12-15 agrigoraMUON DAs
2014-12-15 agrigoraIntermediary MUONDA
2014-12-15 hristovlibRint also needed
2014-12-15 hristovConverting mchview to native cmake
2014-12-15 hristovFixing the compilation: some classes and libraries...
2014-12-15 agrigoraSwitching from CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR to AliRoot_SOURCE_DIR
2014-12-15 agrigoraMUON + CheckCompiler
2014-11-25 ppillotmore debug messages to monitor number of tracks
2014-11-25 ppillotadded mono-cathods removal in real Pb-Pb settings
2014-11-25 ppillotadd the possibility to cut on RAbs
2014-11-25 ppillotadd a flag to reconstruct from clusters instead of...
2014-11-25 ppillotimprove cluster res. calculation (fit) + add pT and...
2014-11-25 ppillotadd protection in case TreeD (digits) is not available
2014-11-25 ppillotfix array access out of bound + add histo for #chamber hit
2014-11-25 ppillotprint number of reconstructible/reconstructed/MC-matche...
2014-11-13 eserradiAfterburner to generate light nuclei
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-09-18 ihrivnacFixed calculation of fluctuations of energy loss in...
2014-09-18 bogdanBug fix in TString access.
2014-09-10 ihrivnacIn AliMUONDigitMaker:
2014-09-01 bogdanCorrect compilation warnings in AliMUONTriggerGUI.
2014-07-11 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-07-09 ihrivnacFixed compiler warnings:
2014-07-09 laphecetFixing display of data at pad level (pads were hollow)
2014-07-07 hupereirremove using unbiased residuals: it does not work fixed...
2014-07-07 hupereirAdded documentation about how to operate the Alignment...
2014-07-07 hupereirremoved AddTaskMuonReAlign
2014-07-07 hupereiradded headers needed for compilation
2014-07-07 hupereirUpdated documentation about alignment to remove obsolet...
2014-07-07 hupereirRemoved obsolete MUONAlignment.C macro
2014-07-07 hupereirremoved MUONReAlignTask, since unmaintained and made...
2014-07-07 hupereirremoved obsolete AliMUONAlignmentRecord classes (AliMil...
2014-07-07 hupereirrewrote AliMUONAlignment to - use AliMillePede2 instead...
2014-07-03 laphecetFix some coverity compilation warnings (-Wunused-but...
2014-06-19 laphecetFixing anti-aliasing problem on MacOSX
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-03-27 hristovALIROOT-5420 Missing include
2014-03-27 hristovALIROOT-5420 Additional header file
2014-03-27 hristovALIROOT-5420 Changes for CDH v3
2014-03-26 hristovALIROOT-5420 Missing include
2014-03-24 hristovALIROOT-5420 Additional header file
2014-03-24 hristovALIROOT-5420 Changes for CDH v3
2014-02-19 ppillotfix finding of pad neighbours; remove methods to write...
2013-12-16 VULPESCU Bogdan- extend the range of "numbered" boards from 234 to...
2013-12-12 Michael WeberRevert "test commit"
2013-12-11 mweberMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-11 tkolleggnecessary fix in MUON
2013-12-10 mweberMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-06 Laurent AphecetcheAdding code to patch St1 HV mapping
2013-12-05 AlinaExtracting Branch and Revision from Git.
2013-10-30 hristovChanges for Root6: removing obsolete TH1 functions...
2013-10-28 hristov#102990: Patch for compilation on Mavericks
2013-10-23 ihrivnacFix for ROOT Git transition
2013-10-21 hristov#102885: Patch for MUON code
2013-10-11 Laurent Aphecetchetest commit
2013-10-03 laphecetSTL make_pair fix (see
2013-07-16 ihrivnacFixed memory leak
2013-06-19 ihrivnacFix bug when displaying non-bending plane results as...
2013-05-24 laphecetSmall update of the Plot method
2013-05-24 laphecetAdding 2013 periods
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2013-04-18 laphecetUpdate to ease RejectList creation by hand
2013-04-05 laphecetBug fix : the merging was a nop
2013-03-14 laphecetUpdating this macro to allow input from a counter colle...
2013-02-27 ihrivnacFix bug in protection against division by 0.
2013-02-15 laphecetadding protections
2013-02-14 laphecetNew option to discard mono-cathod clusters (by changing...
2013-02-14 laphecetTake into account common installation locations for...
2013-02-14 laphecetMake 2013 the default OCDB
2013-02-11 ihrivnacCoverity fix (BAD_OVERRIDE)
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2012-12-20 ihrivnacFix bug in filling the track hit pattern from trigger...
2012-12-19 ihrivnacFixed Coverity defect (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO)
2012-12-13 laphecetCoverity fix
2012-12-05 laphecetDisabling a few iMon aliases which currently cause...
2012-11-28 laphecetadding histograms to check pedestal data OffLine
2012-11-23 ihrivnac- Fix problem with EventSpecie when running online...
2012-11-12 laphecetThe ReportTrips method now builds an object that can...
2012-11-08 bogdanAdd protection against division by zero in AliMUONVTrac...
2012-11-07 laphecetAdding HV currents to the MUON/Calib/OCDB object
2012-11-06 laphecetConsolidation of AliMUONTrackerHV class
2012-11-06 laphecetAdded missing include <algorithm> + updates for trip...
2012-11-05 laphecetMake the Scan method public
2012-11-05 laphecetAdding utility class to check MCH HV (in particular...
2012-10-24 hristov#98358: Request to commit change in QAManager + Reconst...
2012-10-22 laphecetFixing an erreneous message logic
2012-10-22 laphecetClear up a confusion between HV channel alias and name...
2012-10-22 laphecetUpdating the periods
2012-10-19 ivana- Some trigger informations were not properly recovered...