Possibility to compile with Root v5-11-04/06
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2006-06-01 martinezUsing the DeetElemId (fUserId) from AliTrackReference...
2006-06-01 martinez Adding comments (Christian)
2006-05-31 martinezAdding definition of Dmax in constants and semantic...
2006-05-31 pcrochetPrint delegated to LocalTrigger and GlobalTrigger
2006-05-30 martinezPrintf methods for Hits, RecPoint, Track and TrackParam...
2006-05-29 martinezBug in getting the vertex (Nicole)
2006-05-24 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen - corrected warnings
2006-05-24 ivanaAdded comments for inline functions
2006-05-24 ivanaCoding conventions
2006-05-23 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-05-23 ivana- libRAWData moved after libSTEER as it depends on it
2006-05-23 ivana- libRAWData moved after libSTEER as it depends on it
2006-05-22 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-05-22 ivanaCorrected \ingroup directive
2006-05-22 ivana- Corrected \ingroup directive
2006-05-22 ivana- Old StepManager() replaced with StepManager2()
2006-05-22 ivana- Old StepManager() replaced with StepManager2()
2006-05-19 ivanaUpdated comments for Doxygen
2006-05-19 ivana- Added test for track ID in track reference
2006-05-19 ivanaIn ChamberNumber(Float_t z): dMaxChamber enlarged to...
2006-05-19 ivanaAdded tests for existence of the arrays which were...
2006-05-19 ivanaAdded test for existence of the vertex (fixes crash)
2006-05-17 ivanaCorrected typo in previous commit, now in group base
2006-05-17 ivanaMoving AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCells from sim to base
2006-05-15 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2006-05-15 ivanaCorrected INCLUDE_PATH (removing non-existing paths)
2006-05-15 ivanaFixing memory leaks
2006-05-15 hristovAdding MuonSim.SetMakeTrigger(MUON); now required by...
2006-05-15 hristovUpdated to use the new CTP framework (Christian)
2006-05-11 ivanaRemove duplicates
2006-05-11 ivanaTrigger board name according to PRR
2006-05-11 ivanaNew trigger LUT 16-bit operations, PRR numbering, ZERO...
2006-05-11 ivanaActivate Trigger2Trigger at line 362 to avoid problems...
2006-05-11 ivanaAdd trigger strip position and event number in ntuple...
2006-05-11 ivanaDefault trigger Lut in CDB is lutAptLpt1Hpt1p7.root
2006-05-11 ivanaAdd a switch for TriggerCircuit versions
2006-05-11 ivanaDecode new trigger board names
2006-05-11 ivana- Get rid of AliMUONTriggerConstants,
2006-05-11 ivanaCoding conventions
2006-05-11 ivana- Coding conventions
2006-05-11 ivanaAdd AliMUONTriggerCircuitNew and AliMUONTriggerCrateStore
2006-05-11 ivanaNew class. Set and Get trigger board strip positions...
2006-05-11 ivanaNew class. Container of trigger crates from CRATE.TXT
2006-05-09 ivanaRemoved classes with new classes for raw data
2006-05-09 ivanaAdding raw data category
2006-05-09 ivanaAdding info how to read & decode rawdata with macros
2006-05-09 ivanaRemoving classes for raw data -
2006-05-09 ivanaAdding AliMUONDigitMaker class
2006-05-09 ivanaAdding libMUONraw.so in loading
2006-05-09 ivanaAdding Set/Get methods for trigger pattern
2006-05-09 ivanaModified for new raw data interface
2006-05-09 ivanaMacro to readout trigger raw data
2006-05-09 ivanaMacro to readout tracker raw data
2006-05-09 ivanaLoading libraries needed for reading & decoding rawdata
2006-05-09 ivanaClass for decoding rawdata for trigger, add end of...
2006-05-09 ivanaClass for decoding rawdata for tracker, add padding...
2006-05-09 ivanaClass to convert rawdata to digit
2006-05-09 ivanaLibrary for raw data reading & decoding
2006-05-09 ivanaClasses for trigger raw data
2006-05-09 ivanaClasses for tracker raw data
2006-05-04 ivanaRegenerated with modifying geometry (adding mother...
2006-05-04 ivana- Mother volume changed from ALIC to YOUT1 (defined...
2006-05-04 ivanaMother volume changed from ALIC to YOUT1/YOUT2 (defined...
2006-05-04 ivanaComments corrections only
2006-05-04 ivanaSet higher precision magnetic field integration method,
2006-05-04 hristovWriting of the trigger infor into the ESD is now provid...
2006-04-28 hristovAliError to AliInfo (P.Crochet)
2006-04-27 hristovUpdated documentation (Ivana)
2006-04-26 hristovCoding conventions (Philippe)
2006-04-24 hristovFix from Laurent
2006-04-24 hristovCorrected class name in the class description (Ivana)
2006-04-24 hristovDo not calculate special motif dimensions in GetDimensi...
2006-04-24 hristovSet REPEAT_BRIEF to YES; adding EVGEN to documentation...
2006-04-24 hristovDoxygen configuration file: initial version (Ivana)
2006-04-23 hristovIncremented class version
2006-04-22 hristovCoding conventions (Laurent)
2006-04-12 alibrarySimplification of Makefile and some small corrections
2006-04-12 hristovCoding conventions (Ivana)
2006-04-11 hristov- Class description on 5 lines (Coding conventions)
2006-04-11 hristovClass description correction/addition/cleanup (Ivana)
2006-04-10 hristovCoding conventions (Ivana)
2006-04-10 hristovIn GenerateNoisyDigitsForOneCathode():
2006-04-07 hristovCoding conventions (Ivana)
2006-04-07 hristovAdding commented lines for setting local misalignment...
2006-04-07 hristovLoadTransforms(): adding protection if no geometry...
2006-04-07 hristovAdding generating CDB storage with residual/full misali...
2006-04-07 hristov- Updated input parameter for modifs in AliMUONGeometry...
2006-04-07 hristovAdding misalignment with gaussian distribution
2006-04-07 hristovSegmentation not taken from MUON object but created
2006-04-07 hristovIn MakeSegmentsPerStation() - protection against divisi...
2006-04-07 hristovCoding conventions (Ivana)
2006-04-07 hristovCleanup of includes (Ivana)
2006-04-07 hristov- Supressed warning MainLoop failed
2006-04-06 hristovAlignment data (Ivana)
2006-04-06 hristovAdding generating CDB storage with zero misalignment...
2006-04-06 hristovChanged default parameter value (to 10x smaller);
2006-04-06 hristovCoding convention (Ivana)
2006-04-06 hristov- Adding semicolons at the end of lines for CINT
2006-04-06 hristovAdding GetBufSize() (Ivana, Christian)
2006-04-06 hristovFixing ReadTrackerDDL(): resize data size array in...