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2007-07-06 ivanaMacros to process survey and photogrammetry data
2007-07-06 ivanaMore robust raw-reader for HLT
2007-07-06 ivana- Changed the algorithm to improve the quick test of...
2007-07-06 ivanaFixing bug in Next()
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdated with modifying AliMpDDLStore by Christian
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdate detection element name for chamber 6 (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd number of manus per buspatch module for station 2
2007-07-06 ivanaFile for buspatch cable length (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaUpdate serial number (Christian)
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd buspatch length & change patch module interface...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd methods to set/get cable length & change patch...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdd path for buspatch cable length file
2007-07-06 ivana- Added new static function ReadData() for loading...
2007-07-06 ivanaAdding AliMpCDB class
2007-07-06 ivanaAdded loading mapping from CDB, now obligatory,
2007-07-06 ivanaNew class for CDB IO
2007-07-06 ivanaMapping objects in CDB
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding comments (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaCorrecting a format error in AliError (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaNew class to generate fake gain runs (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdating gains and make it easier to test different...
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdated for Gain generation (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaMoving PedestalEventGenerator from shuttle to sim,...
2007-07-05 ivanaMoving PedestalEventGenerator from shuttle to sim ...
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding some protections. Adding some timers. (Laurent)
2007-07-05 ivanaMake the decalibration a static method that can be...
2007-07-05 ivanaReorganization of the code. Can now easily be used...
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdated the diff and plot methods. For debug purposes...
2007-07-05 ivanaRemving, the info moved to READMEtrigger
2007-07-05 ivanaReplaced with READMEcalib
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding general description + some info from README
2007-07-05 ivanaUpdated title only
2007-07-05 ivana- Updated test script description
2007-07-05 ivanaNew README files extracted from README
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding macros runSimulation.C, runReconstruction.C
2007-07-05 ivanaAdding includes (Laurent)
2007-07-04 ivana- Removing macro MUONdisplay.C
2007-07-04 ivanaUPdated for changes in geometry classes
2007-07-04 ivana- Coding conventions
2007-07-04 ivana- Macro to get the trigger chamber efficiency map from...
2007-07-04 ivanaPossibility to activate noise on trigger chambers
2007-07-04 ivana- Coding conventions
2007-07-04 ivanaAdding NofCathodes() method.
2007-07-04 ivanaMaking V2S the default DigitStore (as it is more compac...
2007-07-04 ivanaFixing (once more!) the Compare method
2007-07-04 ivanaTest existence of files, and not of option, when doing...
2007-07-03 ivanaIn UpdateTrack(): fixing a small bug in the tracking...
2007-07-02 ivanaReplaced with AliCodeTimer (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivananew macros to be used together (or not ;-) ) AlirootRun...
2007-07-02 ivanaAlternative implementations of preclusterfinder (curren...
2007-07-02 ivanaMore efficient implementation(s) of AliMUONVDigitStore...
2007-07-02 ivanaAliMUONStopwatchGroup replaced with AliCodeTimer (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaNon-linear correction was incorrectly applied (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaChanges due to ownership policy changes in DataInterfac...
2007-07-02 ivanaAdding new classes (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaRewritten to allow more flexilibity (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaAllow selection of concrete digitStore class, and chang...
2007-07-02 ivanaMore options to select (pre)clusterizer and digitStore...
2007-07-02 ivanaGetting rid of setprecision in Print and changing Compa...
2007-07-02 ivanaAdding some important comments (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaCorrecting Compare method (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaChanging ownership of clusterfinder (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaLet the preclusterfinder be a parameter in ctor (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaMore methods usefull for (pre)clusterfinders (Laurent)
2007-07-02 ivanaAdded protection in Mlem()
2007-06-29 martinezCompilation error in MUON (Laurent)
2007-06-28 ivanaRemoving file - not needed anymore
2007-06-28 ivanaUpdated for changes in geometry classes
2007-06-28 ivanaRemoving volpath.dat file
2007-06-28 ivanaFixed setting for AliGenFixed
2007-06-28 ivana- Removing use of volpath.dat file, now we can use...
2007-06-28 ivana- Added static mathod GetModuleName(moduleId)
2007-06-28 ivana- Added static mathod GetDEName(detElemId)
2007-06-28 ivana- Updated for modifications in AliMUONGeometryTransformer
2007-06-28 ivanaUpdated for modifications in AliMUONGeometryTransformer
2007-06-28 ivanaCorrected compiler warning (Laurent)
2007-06-28 ivanaRegenerated file with the update of gain calibration
2007-06-28 ivanaBeing more realistic with gain calibration (Laurent)
2007-06-28 ivanaAdded decription of available options to tune track...
2007-06-28 cvetanFixes in wirting of raw data needed on big-endian platf...
2007-06-28 ivanaAdding paragraph
2007-06-28 ivanaImplemented a flag to enable/disable the error info...
2007-06-28 ivanaUpdated buspatch and DDL numbers for station 345 and...
2007-06-28 ivanaRemoving class AliMUONTrackK
2007-06-28 ivana- Reshape the architecture of the Kalman tracking to...
2007-06-28 ivanaAdding missing include
2007-06-28 ivanaAdding the position of absorber
2007-06-28 ivanaIn Reconstruct(TTree* digitsTree, TTree* clustersTree):
2007-06-28 ivanaComments for Doxygen
2007-06-28 martinezIntrinsic chamber efficiency calculation performed...
2007-06-27 ivanaAdding comments (Laurent)
2007-06-27 ivanaInterface with new trigger mapping (Christian)
2007-06-27 ivanaAdopt for new VStore interface, use AliMUONRawStreamTra...
2007-06-27 ivanaFirst version of DA trigger (Christian)
2007-06-27 ivanaAdd GetPayLoad method (Christian)
2007-06-27 ivanaPut enum in public as it should (Christian)
2007-06-27 ivanaIncrement the error counters & reset them (Christian)
2007-06-27 ivanaAdd member in initialization list
2007-06-27 ivanaUpdated buspatch and DDL numbers for station 345 and...
2007-06-27 martinezConsolidating definitions of FindObject methods (Laurent)