Updated LUT for the TOF alignable volumes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2006-03-24 pcrochetbugs fixed (Diego)
2006-03-22 ivanaCorrected ApplyResponseToTrackerDigit():
2006-03-21 ivanaRenaming volumes to follow ALICE conventions (starting...
2006-03-21 ivanaRemoving not used St1 classes
2006-03-21 ivanaUdated for removing AliMUONSt1Types.h, AliMUONSt1Contai...
2006-03-21 ivanaAliMUONSt1SpecialMotif moved from sim to base
2006-03-20 ivanaRemoved loading non-existing library
2006-03-20 hristovRemoving obsolete enum
2006-03-20 ivanaSimplifying calling test, explicite functions for each...
2006-03-17 hristovNon-implemented function commented out
2006-03-17 hristovNew line at the end of the file
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding new classes
2006-03-17 ivanaInitial version
2006-03-17 ivanaDefault calibration parameters
2006-03-17 ivanaInitial version
2006-03-17 ivanaChanges related to the implementing AliMpVSegmentation...
2006-03-17 ivanaChange description related to CDB
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding generation of trigger masks, trigger lut and...
2006-03-17 ivanaChanging the default behavior of AliMUONv1
2006-03-17 ivanaLet the CDB storage alone. It is now handled by AliSimu...
2006-03-17 ivanaChanges to ease integration with CDB
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding mask handling, where masks are read from the CDB
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding mask handling
2006-03-17 ivanaAdd class description
2006-03-17 ivanaMajor revision to add the possibility to handle
2006-03-17 ivanaMore comments
2006-03-17 ivanaAdded the ability to know if this digit is purely simul...
2006-03-17 ivanaMade a couple of methods const, and starting to add...
2006-03-17 ivanaFixing a memory leak
2006-03-17 ivanaAdding new calibration flavours for trigger
2006-03-17 ivanaCoding conventions
2006-03-17 ivanaWork directly with Digit::ADC() instead of Digit::Signal()
2006-03-17 ivanaChanging default behavior of digitizer (uses noise...
2006-03-17 ivana- Reordering includes from most specific to more genera...
2006-03-17 ivanaReordering includes, forward declarations from most...
2006-03-16 ivanaAdded fFlag member and its getter/setter
2006-03-16 ivanaAdded possibility to indicate background contaminated...
2006-03-15 ivanaIn AddMisAlignModule/DetElement(): use AliAlignObj...
2006-03-15 ivanaWork around for CINT bug in root 5.10/00, with gcc4.0.2
2006-03-15 ivanaRemoving debug printing
2006-03-14 ivanaReordering AliMpSector.cxx (to match with export from...
2006-03-14 ivanaNew test macro
2006-03-14 ivana- Added attributes fMaxPadIndices, fNofPads, which...
2006-03-14 ivanaAdded method CalculateNofPads()
2006-03-14 ivana- Added new method NofPads()
2006-03-14 ivana- Added new method NofPads()
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding local CVS Id (MpId) and/or category
2006-03-13 ivanaTaking care of coding convention violations - couple...
2006-03-13 ivanaResetting all containers from one place; getting hit...
2006-03-13 ivanaModified constructor to better suit AliMUONTrackK
2006-03-13 ivanaAdded setter for track chi2.
2006-03-13 ivana- Adding protected copy constructor and assignment...
2006-03-13 ivanaCorrecting preprocessor variable (ALI_MUON_GEOMETRY_MOD...
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding argument in PrintOn (coding conventions
2006-03-13 ivanaRenaming fgNonBendingManuMask (coding conventions)
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding comments
2006-03-13 ivanaClass description on 5 lines
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding protected copy constructor and assignment operator
2006-03-09 ivanaRemoved paragraph about checking geometry with G3GUI
2006-03-06 ivanaModify inputs to regional algo
2006-03-06 ivanaImplemented Scan() method
2006-03-03 pcrochetfeature fixed (Christian)
2006-03-03 hristovDeafult calibration parameters (L.Aphecetche)
2006-03-02 ivanaRemoving files
2006-03-02 ivanaApply manu mask to motifPositionID
2006-03-02 ivanaUpdating MpId only
2006-03-02 ivana- Reordering includes and/or
2006-03-02 ivanaImplementations of VCalibParam for 2 floats (used by...
2006-03-02 ivanaNew base class for calibration parameters (manu-wide)
2006-03-02 ivanaFatal error replaced with Error
2006-03-02 ivanaImplementing the new methods of the interface class
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding abstract methods to get:
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding offset to manuIds when reading non-bending planes.
2006-03-02 ivanaImplementing methods needed by the new methods in AliMp...
2006-03-02 ivanaAdded AliMpVSegmentation* CreateMpSegmentationByElectro...
2006-03-02 ivanaAdded method GetAllMotifPositionsIDs(TArrayI& enc)
2006-03-02 ivanaRemoving useless ifs
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding a GetCathod(Int_t detElemId, AliMpPlaneType...
2006-03-02 ivanaDefining the manuId offset for non-bending planes
2006-03-02 ivanaUpdating info about the test script, including stuff...
2006-03-02 ivanaChanges related to added/removed classes.
2006-03-02 ivana- Adding MUONsdigits() method.
2006-03-02 ivanaEnhancements:
2006-03-02 ivanaChanging the default way to create AliMUON object.
2006-03-02 ivanaMust set the CDB path, as now both simulation and recon...
2006-03-02 ivanaNow the full chain includes raw data.
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding comments
2006-03-02 ivanaChanging default ctor parameters.
2006-03-02 ivanaRemoved a non-informative warning.
2006-03-02 ivanaRescaling the energy loss corrections in the absorber...
2006-03-02 ivanaRemoved unneeded if in dtor
2006-03-02 ivana- Remove integer offset of 1 (wrt AliMpSlatSegmentation).
2006-03-02 ivanaTake into account that manuIds for non-bending planes...
2006-03-02 ivanaAvoids a copy.
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding a comment.
2006-03-02 ivanaMake FactoryV4 the default.
2006-03-02 ivana- Adding handling of track info in digits.
2006-03-02 ivana- Adding more comments.
2006-03-02 ivana- During reco from RAW, digits are no longer re-written.
2006-03-02 ivanaAdding timers and making few simplifications.