TPCNoiseMapComponent included into build (Kelly)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
2008-04-02 ivana- Added a protection in the recursive method AliMUONPre...
2008-04-01 ivanaCode cleanup:
2008-04-01 ivanaAdded setting selection for MakeDigits, MakeSDigits...
2008-04-01 ivanaReverted order of loading Pythia libraries, needed...
2008-04-01 ivanaAdding simulation of dipole's magnetig field effect...
2008-04-01 laphecetBug fix where SD5C, SD5N, SC6C, SC6N, SD6C and SD6N...
2008-03-31 ivanaIn AliMpExMap::Clear(): propagate the optin to data...
2008-03-31 ivanaCorrecting comments for data members
2008-03-31 ivanaSet CombineClusterTrackReco to false, to be consistent...
2008-03-30 laphecetReverting last commit which was not intentional
2008-03-30 laphecetRe-establishing creation of RecPoints in TreeR (Laurent)
2008-03-28 ivanaAliMUONBlockHeader, AliMUONRawWriter:
2008-03-28 laphecetSpecifying which run types we are interested in
2008-03-26 ivanaTaken the scaler trigger informations from CDH
2008-03-25 laphecetDecalibration was incorrect as soon as pedestal mean...
2008-03-25 ivanaIn AliMUONQADataMakerRec:
2008-03-25 ivanaRemoving obsolete files
2008-03-21 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 3,4 & 5 (Christian)
2008-03-21 ivanaMinor fix in comment line
2008-03-21 ivanaUpdating file, as mapping has changed (r24470)
2008-03-21 ivanaCorrected paragraph on Writing to CDB in READMEcalib...
2008-03-20 ivanaMoving loading pythia libraries from loadlibs.C to...
2008-03-20 ivana1) New class "AliMUONRefitter" to:
2008-03-19 hristovChanges needed by the following commit: coding conventi...
2008-03-19 ivanaIn loadlibs.C:
2008-03-19 ivanaAdding new README file on testing on cosmics run data
2008-03-17 pcrochetRestore trigger track sign info in LoDev at ESD level...
2008-03-14 laphecetBug fix : propagating the change of ownership in the...
2008-03-13 ivanaUsing AliCDBRunRange::Infinity() instead of hardwired
2008-03-13 ivanaAdded paragraphs on OCDB, BusPatchLength.dat
2008-03-13 ivanaCorrected the list of bus patches with reverted manus
2008-03-11 laphecetUpdating documentation
2008-03-10 hristov- new interface beween MUON objects (track/cluster...
2008-03-10 pcrochetWrite trigger digits if SAVEDIGITS activated (Bogdan)
2008-03-07 laphecetAdding a cut on ADC to speed up things (Dieggo)
2008-03-07 laphecetFixing coding violations (Artur)
2008-03-06 laphecetShould have been part of the previous commit
2008-03-06 laphecet mchview version 0.93
2008-03-06 pcrochetbug fixed (Valerie)
2008-03-06 laphecetFixing (most of) compiler warnings
2008-03-05 laphecetAliMUON*TrackerData
2008-03-03 cvetanFor some reason the event type defined in the DArc...
2008-02-29 hristovPatch to avoid AliFatal in case of complex clusters...
2008-02-28 ivana- Updated information about viewing geometry and checking
2008-02-27 ivanaDo not set specific storage for Gains, as this is not...
2008-02-27 laphecetAliMUONDigitCalibrator.cxx
2008-02-27 ivanaAliMUONRecoParam:
2008-02-26 ivana- Set specific storage to local CDB for Gains
2008-02-25 ivanaAliMUONTrackerIO:
2008-02-25 ivanaCorrected file name for Doxygen
2008-02-25 ivanaNew macros for the offline shifts
2008-02-24 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin. Corrected dependences
2008-02-19 ivanaAdding comments
2008-02-18 pcrochetInvert US<->LS in trigger response according to hardwar...
2008-02-18 ivanaFix to avoid eating 100% of CPU when stopping a data...
2008-02-16 ivanaAliMUONTrackerCalibratedDataMaker
2008-02-12 ivanaAdding an example of CDB location on alien.
2008-02-08 ivanaMaking SetMaxReg() method private to avoid its mis...
2008-02-08 pcrochetbug fixed (Valerie)
2008-02-08 ivana- Implementing the possibility to histogram the raw...
2008-02-07 ivanaRe-create the CDH header for each event to take into...
2008-02-06 ivanaOne more fix for compilation on mac power pc platforms
2008-02-06 ivanaFixes compilation problems for mac power pc platforms
2008-02-05 hristovAdditional protection in case of raw data
2008-02-04 ivana- Fixing a problem in the tail effect, due to which
2008-02-01 ivanaFixing compilation errors: ISO C++ forbids variable...
2008-02-01 ivanaAdding setting default CDB storage and run number,
2008-02-01 ivana- Updated the geometry of stations 3, 4, 5.
2008-01-31 pcrochetbug fixed (Valerie)
2008-01-29 ivanaMoving the trigger digit info from AliMUONTrackHitPatte...
2008-01-29 ivanaCoding conventions correction
2008-01-29 ivanaRemoving obsolete classes (Diego)
2008-01-25 ivanaCorrected comments only
2008-01-25 ivanaImproving error handling
2008-01-25 ivanaAdding comment line only
2008-01-25 ivanaBug fix for sigma computation (at channel level). Still...
2008-01-25 ivanaBug fix (selection of RawReaderDate from Yuri was not...
2008-01-25 ivanaAdding NumberOfEvents method
2008-01-25 ivanaAdding a switch to turn on/off the gain calibration
2008-01-25 ivanaAdding main class for the mchview program
2008-01-25 ivanaImplemented a special ordering of manus in bus patches...
2008-01-23 ivanaChange the default for tail effect to FALSE,
2008-01-22 ivanaAliMUONTriggerIO: Optimize I/O for binary LUT file
2008-01-18 ivanaMoving 4 classes from MUONcore in MUONgraphics
2008-01-18 ivanaFixes in MUON documentation files
2008-01-18 hristovUsing Long_t instead of Int_t (Laurent)
2008-01-18 ivanaUpdate of classes in libMUONgraphics and mchview program:
2008-01-18 ivanaFixed coding conventions in MUONQADataMaker classes.
2008-01-18 ivanaAdding include of math.h in MUONTRKda.cxx
2008-01-18 ivanaRemoving a few strange characters in the beginning of
2008-01-17 ivanaFirst big commit of the mchview program and its accompa...
2008-01-16 ivanaImplemented methods:
2008-01-16 ivanaImplemented methods MakeHits(), MakeSDigits(), MakeDigits()
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding a commented line demsostrating how to switch off
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding fIsTailEffect data member (an option to turn...
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding description of the tail effect.
2008-01-11 ivanaImplemented the parametrized tailing effect
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding the option to to turn on/off the parametrized...
2008-01-11 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 1