Update master to aliroot
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / Makefile
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 morschOADB added
2010-12-12 fcaChanges for intel compiler
2010-11-04 hristovAdding TAmpt (Constantin)
2010-10-09 morschPYTHIA8 independent from root.
2010-09-02 cvetanReverting partially revision 42389. The absolute path...
2010-08-20 hristovSupport for old tar command, fix in the settings of...
2010-08-12 hristovChanges from Constantin:
2010-07-21 fcaSame warning flags for all gcc makefiles and remove...
2010-01-13 hristovFix for bug #60085: compilation error due to build...
2009-10-28 fcaMods for Solaris
2009-10-27 hristovlibcurses needed in the compilation of static executab...
2009-10-08 hristovNew module TRIGGER (Chiara, Annalisa)
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-07 fcaSmall performance fix
2009-10-07 fcaFaster Makefile
2009-10-06 fcaAdding root flags to C flags
2009-10-05 fcaUsing root compilation flags
2009-09-08 fcaCleanup of monitor package
2009-09-02 cvetanSeparate the checks for DATE and DIM installation ...
2009-07-03 hristovCompilation of TUHKMgen and EPOS
2009-06-18 hristovFix for bug #51951: SVNREV variable in Makefile not...
2009-05-20 cvetanPossibility to include ARVersion.h witihin the user...
2009-03-16 hristovNew generator: EPOS
2009-03-15 hristovNew generator: TUHKMgen
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2008-11-27 hristovMoving UNICOR to PWG2
2008-11-12 fcaCorrect character constantness
2008-11-04 cvetanAliMDC RPM is now available also on x86_64 and ia64
2008-08-12 cvetannew ALIRECO.par target for creating the reconstruction...
2008-06-06 cvetanStarting from root v5-19-04 we need also pthread library.
2008-06-05 hristovPropagate the libXMLParser to all the libraries and...
2008-05-29 cvetanMinor fixes.
2008-05-29 cvetanUsing date-config in order to steer the make. Adding...
2008-05-19 hristovRestored compilation of PWGs
2008-05-18 fcaRemoving shadowed variables
2008-05-15 hristovDefault compilation of PWGs code
2008-05-13 hristovBetter discovery of optional ROOT components (C.Holm)
2008-04-18 hristovMerging THbtp and HBTP in one library. Comiplation...
2008-04-15 hristovRemove obsolete generator
2008-04-02 hristovCombine TEPEMGEN and EPEMGEN in one library to avoid...
2008-03-31 morschPYTHIA8 added in case --pythia8 has been enabled in...
2008-03-20 morschDPMJET added.
2008-03-17 morschPythia6 dependence vias root library libEGPythia6 removed.
2008-02-08 hristovmake clean-modules removes the temporary compilation...
2008-01-22 cvetanAutomatic building af the alimdc RPM.
2008-01-21 cvetanDefault target used to create a header file with svn...
2008-01-16 cvetanNew alimdc-rpm target for building of the alimdc RPM...
2008-01-10 hristovNew module CORRFW
2008-01-08 hristovCompilation of TTherminator
2007-12-18 cvetanlibSTEERBase is needed in order to build a static alimdc
2007-11-24 alibraryAdding Spectrum library
2007-09-27 hristovlibMLP needed by TRD
2007-08-09 alibraryRemove -lTable from Makefile
2007-08-08 hristovNew calibration classes. They depend on TTable, so...
2007-08-08 hristovCompilation of STAT
2007-06-21 morschBCM (Beam Condition Monitor) added.
2007-05-18 hristovAdding PWG1
2007-05-07 hristovDo not link libRAliEn.so, it will be loaded on demand
2007-05-04 hristovPossibility to compile with AliAnalysisGoodies (Yves)
2007-04-20 hristovTHydjet (Rafael)
2007-04-18 cvetanNew target for all aliroot static libs (requested by...
2007-04-04 cvetanAdding a static alimdc executable target for cross...
2007-03-05 cvetanBugfix (thanks to Matevz for finding it)
2007-02-28 cvetanCheck for needed root components before adding EVE...
2007-02-27 cvetanAdded new makefile for online calibration detector...
2007-01-26 hristovEVE back in the compilation
2007-01-24 hristovAdding PWG4 to the compilation
2006-12-19 hristovCompilation of ESDCheck (Yves)
2006-12-06 hristovLinking with libXMLIO.so (Panos)
2006-11-29 hristovCRT becomes ACORDE
2006-11-29 hristovSTART becomes T0
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-02 alibraryAdding TreePlayer lib
2006-11-01 hristovUsing LHAPDF instead of PDF
2006-10-09 alibraryAdded target for smell checker
2006-08-15 hristovRemoving DISPLAY
2006-08-15 hristovRemoving ALIFAST
2006-08-09 cvetanNew target is added. It can be used to produce a static...
2006-06-08 alibraryMoving place of smell-detector
2006-06-05 hristovResonance analysis (A.Pulvirenti)
2006-06-05 hristovSmell detection (Jose Lo)
2006-05-31 hristovAdding PWG3
2006-05-16 hristovAdding PWG0 and SHUTTLE in a way similar to TFluka
2006-05-09 hristovNew module: EVE
2006-05-08 hristovMore changes to compile correctly DATE-releated code
2006-05-08 hristovChanges to compile dateStream
2005-06-24 hristovRemoving CONTAINERS. The classes needed by TPC: AliDigi...
2005-06-17 hristovlibVMC.so needs also libEG.so
2005-06-16 alibraryStreamline libs and check for deleted files
2005-06-14 alibraryFix typo
2005-06-09 alibraryAvoid rebuilding the modules when cleaning
2005-05-17 hristovAdding LHC to the list of compiled modules
2004-10-21 hristovPrint the list of header files only if ALIVERBOSE is...
2004-10-06 hristovChanges to run HLT in alimdc. Reset method in AliESD...
2004-09-29 hristovQuotes to avoid problems on Itanium
2004-09-22 hristovTypos
2004-09-19 alibraryModifications for the xlc compiler
2004-08-13 hristovCorrected order to restore the profiling and debug...
2004-08-12 hristovRestoring debug and profile targets