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2015-01-07 prsnkoFiles for PHOS trigger utils
2014-09-18 prsnkoAdded LHC11h_pass2 calibration
2014-08-23 prsnkoAdd consistent geometry for simulation
2014-08-19 prsnkoIncreased de-calibration for LHC13bcdef
2014-07-23 prsnkoMC calibrations added for LHC13d2, LHC13e1xxx
2014-07-16 prsnkoCalibrations for LHC12xxx updated (Satohi)
2014-06-12 prsnkoLG TOF calibration improved for LHC13bcdef
2014-06-02 prsnkoCorrect LG time for LHC13bcdef
2014-06-02 prsnkoMap for LHC12d updated (Satoshi)
2014-05-29 prsnkoMC calibration updated for LHC13b2, LHC13e7
2014-05-28 prsnkoTime calibration for LHC13bcdef updated
2014-05-22 prsnkoBadMap for LHC13bcdef updated
2014-05-22 prsnkoLHC13bcdef: time calibration for LG put same as for HG
2014-03-03 prsnkoCalibration for LHC13b2 updated
2013-08-17 prsnkoLHC11a_pass3,4 recalibration added
2013-07-16 prsnkoRe/de/calibrations for MC productions
2013-07-15 prsnkoCalibration for LHC13xxx updated to remove suspisious...
2013-06-20 prsnkoBad map for LHC11a updated (Yuri), for LHC13 added...
2013-06-01 prsnkoLG timing calibration for LHC13bcdef added
2013-05-20 prsnkoPHOS calibrations for LHC13xxx updated
2013-05-16 prsnkoTOF calibration for LHC13cdef added
2013-03-11 prsnkoRun range for LHC10h_periods 2,3,4 corrected
2013-02-26 prsnkoOdd harmonics excluded
2013-02-18 prsnkoFollow renaming AliPHOSEPFlattener to AliEPFlattener
2013-02-13 prsnkoV0 parameterization improved
2013-02-10 prsnkoLHC11h split into 3 types of runs
2013-01-29 prsnkoadded maps for LHC12c,d
2012-12-09 prsnkoUpdated Calibration and BadMap for LHC11h
2012-12-05 prsnkoRecalibrations for LHC12a,b,c,d pass1 added
2012-10-19 prsnkoParameters for LCH11h set/corrected
2012-09-26 prsnkoParameterization for LHC11h corrected
2012-08-31 kharlovBug in flattening correction is fixed
2012-08-30 kharlov1) Flattening class and macro to fill flattening correc...
2011-11-20 morschUpdate
2011-10-27 morschFirst commit of PHOS OADB