Add dedicated splines for LHC12c4 (Benjamin, Jens)
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2013-01-29 prsnkoadded maps for LHC12c,d
2012-12-09 prsnkoUpdated Calibration and BadMap for LHC11h
2012-12-05 prsnkoRecalibrations for LHC12a,b,c,d pass1 added
2012-10-19 prsnkoParameters for LCH11h set/corrected
2012-09-26 prsnkoParameterization for LHC11h corrected
2012-08-31 kharlovBug in flattening correction is fixed
2012-08-30 kharlov1) Flattening class and macro to fill flattening correc...
2011-11-20 morschUpdate
2011-10-27 morschFirst commit of PHOS OADB