Always delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize (Ruben)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / OADB /
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2013-01-21 atoiadefault for pPb
2013-01-18 zconesaMore updates pA run OADB configuration (Alexander,Zaida)
2013-01-18 zconesaUpdate pA run OADB configuration
2013-01-17 atoiaadded fmd
2013-01-12 zconesaUpdate for January pA run
2012-12-24 morschAdding missing trigger class of INT8 to physicsSelectio...
2012-12-17 gconesabadd bad channels up to LHC12h, update LHC11h - Marcel
2012-12-10 morschHere the comment:
2012-12-09 prsnkoUpdated Calibration and BadMap for LHC11h
2012-12-05 prsnkoRecalibrations for LHC12a,b,c,d pass1 added
2012-11-13 atoiaOADB with new definition of CND
2012-11-12 morschTPC PID update:
2012-11-02 zconesaFix (Alexander)
2012-10-30 cvetanIntroduction of ZNA centrality selection for p-Pb data...
2012-10-28 atoiaadded ZNA histo (from Chiara)
2012-10-22 zconesafix typo
2012-10-22 zconesaRemoving the unused INT6 alias, adding one for the...
2012-10-19 prsnkoParameters for LCH11h set/corrected
2012-10-15 loizides2012 geom
2012-10-13 morsch- Tuning muon cuts parameters for the pass2 of LHC11c...
2012-10-11 zconesaAdding SPI8 trigger to the OADB and VEvent
2012-10-04 hristovAllow to store pass-dependent parameters for standard...
2012-10-04 morsch Updates for the splines of LHC12a/b pass1.
2012-10-04 morschUpdate
2012-10-03 zconesaInclude the EMCal EJE8 and GA8 triggers selection,...
2012-09-27 morschUpdate
2012-09-26 prsnkoParameterization for LHC11h corrected
2012-09-25 morschUpdate
2012-09-18 zconesaZN background check for the pA run (INT7 trigger)
2012-09-18 zconesaIntroduce the ZN background check for the pA run (INT5...
2012-09-14 atoiaparameterization based on 188359 and CINT17
2012-09-14 zconesaUpdates pA (Alexander)
2012-09-13 atoiaparameterization for pA run with 188356 - only V0 and...
2012-09-13 atoiaparameterization for pA run with 188357 - only V0 and...
2012-09-13 zconesaUpdates for pA
2012-09-13 morschUpdate for pA run
2012-09-11 gconesabbad channels up to LHC12d added, Marcel
2012-09-10 morschUpdates for pA
2012-09-10 atoiaadd parameterization for true Npart (MC)
2012-09-07 atoiaV0A and C parameterized after correcting for vertex...
2012-09-05 atoiafixed reference run for pA in centrality OADB
2012-09-03 morsch- introduction of gain scenarios (e.g. OROC only -...
2012-08-31 atoiacentrality OADB including LHC12e5 177011
2012-08-31 kharlovBug in flattening correction is fixed
2012-08-30 kharlov1) Flattening class and macro to fill flattening correc...
2012-08-30 atoiafixed pA ranges in centrality OADB
2012-08-27 kleinbremove buggy histos
2012-08-27 kleinbupdated histograms (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-23 hristovcentrality OADB updated for pA (Alberica)
2012-08-23 atoiacentrality OADB updated for pA
2012-08-22 morschpreliminary EMCal PID electron parametrization for...
2012-08-21 kleinbfast mc input for 11h (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-14 kleinbupdated efficiency and multiplicity curves
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-07-30 gconesabadd 8 missing runs from LHC12ab
2012-07-30 gconesabadd 2012 LHC12abcd runs corrections, few from LHC12ab...
2012-07-11 loizidesgeometry for 2010/11
2012-07-11 loizidestest if I have commit rights
2012-07-11 loizidestest
2012-07-04 morschImportant bug fixes
2012-06-29 morschUpdate
2012-06-29 gconesabprevious version contained only few runs that where...
2012-06-29 gconesabupdate for new passes - Marie
2012-06-28 morschThis fixes the problems of the PID observed in the...
2012-06-27 morschTRD Response onject
2012-06-22 shahoianAdded debug mode + few fixes
2012-06-22 shahoiannew OADB object type for 1/pt corrections
2012-06-22 shahoianDirectory structure and macro to create a 1/pt correcti...
2012-06-21 morschPhysics selection update
2012-06-20 morschUpdate
2012-06-19 hansenaUpdated for LHC10h
2012-06-15 hristovChanges for #95308: request to commit to OADB and port...
2012-06-14 gconesabupdate on bad channels of LHC12ab period by Marcel
2012-06-13 kleinbadding input file for HBOM, multiple application of...
2012-06-05 gconesabaligment for 2012 - Marco
2012-06-04 morschUpdate
2012-05-25 gconesabadd corrections from missing runs - David
2012-05-24 morschPID updates
2012-05-19 morschUpdate for LHC12c
2012-05-17 gconesabfirst implementation of correction factors dependent...
2012-05-15 morschSavannah request #94499
2012-05-04 mflorisPhysics Selection OADB update (Zaida)
2012-05-01 morschUpdate
2012-04-16 hristovFixes for #93692: Physics selection does not work in...
2012-04-05 hristov1) Changes
2012-04-04 morsch- Setting parameters for LHC11a
2012-04-01 morschPhi-weights with slightly better statistics and I had...
2012-03-28 morsch2011 udates for event plane
2012-03-26 hristovFixes for #90303: Fix PROOF-INF/SETUP.C to create PAR...
2012-03-22 cvetanAdding all LHC11h good runs in the OADB. The method...
2012-03-21 morschtime recalibration file
2012-03-07 atoiaadd two run ranges for the early runs (167693--167807...
2012-02-28 kleinbefficiency and pt Resolution v1 (M. Verweij)
2012-02-28 hristovFix for #91995: Fix renaming of OADB/PWG3 object
2012-02-24 atoiaused run 170162 as reference
2012-02-23 iselioujUpdate from Francesco Noferini: VZERO event plane calib...
2012-02-22 hristovRestoring the functionallity of the PAR files: partial fix
2012-02-22 hristovNew names for the PWG subdirectories
2012-02-22 hristovuse new names for the PWG subdirectories