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2011-05-05 jgrosseofix for run 146857 (LHC11a) where an -ALL trigger was...
2011-05-02 cvetanAdding one more run range in the centrality-selection...
2011-04-29 mflorisCoverty fix
2011-04-28 morschFiles consistent with the new physics selection and...
2011-04-28 mflorisSimple GUI for the spectra OADB
2011-04-28 mflorisBug fixes to OADB for spectra.
2011-04-28 morsch- Arguments of some methods changed from char * to...
2011-04-28 morschCorrection. Previous histos were empty.
2011-04-26 morschEventplane information
2011-04-26 mflorisFixed warning
2011-04-22 mflorisFixed warnings
2011-04-22 mflorisCoverity fixes 16578 16568 566 565
2011-04-22 mflorisCoverify fix 16588
2011-04-21 mflorisTPC Laser cut enabled by default.
2011-04-21 mflorisAdded support for the kCINT5 and kMUS5 classes
2011-04-20 mflorisAdded new class to store ZDC timing cut window and...
2011-04-19 hristovFix for the include path
2011-04-13 jgrosseoAdding support for the fast cluster to the physics...
2011-04-12 mflorisChanged the check of trigger bit mask uniqueness.
2011-04-12 mflorisOADB Classes for the physics selection and filling...
2011-04-12 mflorisRemoved
2011-04-12 mflorisOADB classes and root files for the physics selection
2011-04-09 morschUpdate
2011-04-09 hristovUpdated centrality for pass2 (Alberica)
2011-04-01 morschCorrection of
2011-04-01 cvetanNew centrality selection based on ZDCvsZEM (LHC10h...
2011-04-01 cvetanNew centrality selection based on ZDCvsZEM (LHC10h...
2011-03-31 morschCorrected needed when default constructor is used.
2011-03-31 mflorisspectra oadb file
2011-03-31 mflorisChanging binning when adding histogram, if needed.
2011-03-31 agheataAdded pass1 and pass2 directories
2011-03-30 morschCentrality for pass2
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-22 morschcentrality file for OADB
2011-03-21 morschTPC PID response function.
2011-03-17 mflorisAdding analysis include in Makefile for par file
2011-03-17 mflorischaged template histo in AliOADBPWG2Spectra
2011-03-15 morschOADB for spectra
2011-03-14 morschGetIndexFromRun made public.
2011-03-14 morschI have included the new multiplicity distribution for...
2011-03-10 morschFiles for centrality for 137161 and 137366 for the...
2011-03-09 hristovFixed creation of par files (Michele)
2011-03-06 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2011-02-26 morschAccess to EMCAL Local2Master matrices via OADB
2011-02-23 morschContainer made browsable
2011-02-23 morschnew class AliOADBCentrality
2011-02-18 morsch2D Centrality files
2011-02-16 morschI prepared a new file for centrality, it uses the multi...
2011-01-26 hristovCorrection for bug #77355: Generation of PARs
2011-01-24 morschfix inconsistency in the V0 linearization
2011-01-19 hristovFix for bug #77162: Consider installing OADB files
2011-01-17 hristovCreation of par files with CMake
2011-01-17 jgrosseoproof package support for OADB
2011-01-16 morschDocumentation lines, consistency checks, ...
2011-01-15 morschServices for default objects added.
2011-01-14 morschUpdated example
2011-01-14 morschGetters added.
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 hristovAdding OADB to CMake
2011-01-14 morschAliOADBContainer first commit.
2010-12-21 morschObsolete versions removed.
2010-12-17 morschUpdates
2010-12-17 morschObsolete.
2010-12-16 morschCentrality files. (A. Toia)