Merge branch 'master' of
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / OADB /
2014-09-08 dstoccoUse pass-aware container
2014-08-26 ekryshencluster-tracklet cut removed from phys. selection for...
2014-08-23 prsnkoAdd consistent geometry for simulation
2014-08-19 prsnkoIncreased de-calibration for LHC13bcdef
2014-08-04 morschMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-04 wiechulaALIROOT-5481 ALIROOT-5456 Add splines for LHC12a-d...
2014-08-01 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-23 prsnkoMC calibrations added for LHC13d2, LHC13e1xxx
2014-07-16 prsnkoCalibrations for LHC12xxx updated (Satohi)
2014-07-16 laphecetALIROOT-5507 Adding root files to the OADB.par
2014-07-08 ekryshenIntroduced pass dependent settings for LHC10h
2014-06-23 cholmAdded README for corrections
2014-06-23 cholmAdded more energy loss fits
2014-06-20 morschMerge branch 'master' of
2014-06-20 cholmAdded energy loss fits for a large fraction of LHC10h
2014-06-20 wiechulao Add temporary splines for LHC12b-d anchored MC o...
2014-06-20 wiechulao revert changes to previous version -> Wrong commit...
2014-06-12 morschMerge branch 'master' of
2014-06-12 wiechulaTemporary splines for LHC12b-e anchored MC
2014-06-12 prsnkoLG TOF calibration improved for LHC13bcdef
2014-06-02 prsnkoCorrect LG time for LHC13bcdef
2014-06-02 prsnkoMap for LHC12d updated (Satoshi)
2014-05-29 prsnkoMC calibration updated for LHC13b2, LHC13e7
2014-05-28 prsnkoTime calibration for LHC13bcdef updated
2014-05-22 prsnkoBadMap for LHC13bcdef updated
2014-05-22 prsnkoLHC13bcdef: time calibration for LG put same as for HG
2014-05-15 morschroll back of previous commit
2014-05-15 morschNew directory with HMPIDPIDParams.root for MC
2014-05-12 morsch- Updates
2014-05-09 cholmCleaned up and updated DB
2014-05-07 cholmImportant bug fixes for the PWGLF/FORWARD directory
2014-04-08 morschNew centrality for ZNA, made by Chiara Oppedisano,...
2014-04-08 gconesabadd correction factors for energy calibration of MC...
2014-04-08 gconesabOADB file containing the reference calibration paramete...
2014-04-05 morschimplementing the VZERO selection in p
2014-04-05 morschUpdate
2014-03-27 morschUpdates Alberica
2014-03-27 morschUpdate
2014-03-27 morschUpdates
2014-03-27 shahoianUpdated response from Yvonne
2014-03-27 shahoianupdate from Yvonne
2014-03-26 morschUpdates Alberica
2014-03-21 morschUpdate
2014-03-21 morschUpdates
2014-03-20 shahoianUpdated response from Yvonne
2014-03-13 shahoianupdate from Yvonne
2014-03-03 prsnkoCalibration for LHC13b2 updated
2014-02-14 gconesabadd time calibration for 2012 period - Marie Germain
2014-02-13 dstoccoAdd parameters for periods LHC12h and LHC12i
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2013-12-09 Jens Wiechula- Removed AliFatal if multiplicity correction is enable...
2013-12-09 Andreas MorschNew centrality file containing V0A without inner ring
2013-12-06 Andreas MorschFile was corrupted.
2013-12-05 Andreas MorschI have prepared the new oadb with the V0A wo the innerr...
2013-12-03 atoiaadd centrality V0A wo innermost ring
2013-11-18 zconesaAdd TRD triggers on 2012 pp data OADB configuration
2013-11-14 morsch
2013-10-23 hristovCorrected define gueard
2013-10-16 morscho update splines for 12a,b
2013-10-15 gconesabtiming calibration for 2013 period added
2013-09-10 gconesabupdate bad channel map for 2013 periods - Elienos
2013-08-28 morschUpdates
2013-08-17 prsnkoLHC11a_pass3,4 recalibration added
2013-07-30 morsch- Created individual splines for 13f (also used for...
2013-07-26 morsch- Added individual splines for MC_pp 12d and 13d periods
2013-07-19 gconesabadd recalibration for pass2 of LHC13c-f and pass3 of...
2013-07-16 prsnkoRe/de/calibrations for MC productions
2013-07-16 cholmAdded new corrections for 900GeV pp, +5kG, nominal...
2013-07-15 prsnkoCalibration for LHC13xxx updated to remove suspisious...
2013-07-05 morsch- Update 11a10* (MC_PbPb) (also update for splines)
2013-06-20 morschCorrected recommit of rev. 63120
2013-06-20 morschRevert wrong commit
2013-06-20 morscho add tan(theat) at the TPC entrance to AODs (+ getters...
2013-06-20 prsnkoBad map for LHC11a updated (Yuri), for LHC13 added...
2013-06-10 cholmMega commit of many changes to PWGLFforward
2013-06-06 morschThe file contains an update of the TRD PID Response...
2013-06-06 akalweitUpdates for correct PID during tracking based on spline...
2013-06-01 prsnkoLG timing calibration for LHC13bcdef added
2013-05-24 pcrochetAdding parameters for LHC13f muon_pass2 (Diego)
2013-05-23 morschUpdates
2013-05-20 prsnkoPHOS calibrations for LHC13xxx updated
2013-05-16 zconesaEnable the TPC HV dip check for 2013 data and the incom...
2013-05-16 prsnkoTOF calibration for LHC13cdef added
2013-05-16 morschFirst PID parameters for pPb (1st iteration)
2013-05-08 hristovPatch for using git clone (Matthias)
2013-05-06 zconesaAdd TRD checks for LHC13g period
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2013-04-23 morschImplementation of ZPA centrality estimator.
2013-04-23 atoiaimplementation of ZPA centrality estimator
2013-04-22 zconesaUpdates on TRD trigger: 1) remove the track matching...
2013-04-19 gconesabT corrections updated up to last runnning period LHC13g
2013-04-18 morschcould you please commit the attached TPC PID files...
2013-04-16 morscho preparation of multiplicity treatment for TPC PID
2013-04-11 gconesabadd dummy histograms for SM10-SM11
2013-04-10 gconesabbad map for 2012-13 up to 13f
2013-04-09 gconesabadd pass2 of LHC13b and split in subperiods
2013-04-09 gconesabrecalibration factors for LHC12-13 periods