change order of histo and remove one from constructor
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / OCDB / HMPID /
2012-05-11 gvolpeObsolte files removed
2012-05-05 gvolpeFile with new alignment objects added
2012-05-05 gvolpeOld alignment files removed
2011-10-21 gvolpeNew pedestals file
2011-07-16 gvolpeNumber of sigma pedestal cut increased to 4
2010-11-13 gvolpeCut on track-mip distance increased up to 6 cm in high...
2010-05-28 gvolpeadded file with new alignemnt objects
2010-02-18 gvolpeFixing bug of previous commit of the alignment object
2010-02-18 gvolpeAlignment objects updated
2010-02-15 gvolpeFile of noisy channel map added in OCDB (new entry...
2010-02-15 gvolpeFile of Masked channel map added in OCDB (new entry...
2010-02-11 gvolpeMip-track distance cut set to 6 cm
2010-02-05 gvolpeAlignment objects updated
2010-01-12 gvolpeFile Run0_999999999_v0_s1.root containing AliHMPIDRecoP...
2009-11-30 gvolpefile Run0_999999999_v0_s1.root with TObjectArray of...
2009-11-26 fcaFixing (again) bug #59345
2009-11-18 gvolpeCsI QE maps file in OCDB
2009-11-18 gvolpeReconstruction parameters file in OCDB
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...