Setting IsDefault after the event specie, otherwise it is not taken into account
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2009-12-06 kharlovUpdating the PHOS mapping due to found swap of ALTRO...
2009-11-11 kharlovTreatment of default recoparameters is corrected.
2009-11-08 kharlovNew PHOS mapping is uploaded:
2009-11-01 kharlovNew reconstruction parameters for all event species:
2009-10-11 kharlovObsolete mapping objects removed
2009-09-27 polichehMapping corrected (low gain was erroneously treated...
2009-09-25 polichehRemoved because the reconstruction of data simulated...
2009-09-24 polichehRecoParameters for the PHOS cosmic runs.
2009-09-24 polichehRecoParameters for PHOS cosmic runs.
2009-09-10 kharlovPHOS mapping with 20 objects: one per module per RCU
2009-08-26 kharlovNew RCU mapping
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...