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Setting IsDefault after the event specie, otherwise it is not taken into account
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2010-02-15 coppedisVME scaler mapping corrected
2010-02-15 coppedisCalibration object updated to take into account the...
2009-11-25 coppedisMBCalib object added to OCDB
2009-07-22 coppedisPedestal object for extraction test Jul2009 reconstruction
2009-07-20 coppedisTrying to make real data reconstructable
2009-07-20 coppedisDeleting unneeded objects
2009-07-12 coppedisRecoParam object provided to comply with standars recon...
2009-07-09 coppedisUpdated object after ALiZDCPreprocessor correction
2009-07-06 coppedisAvoid warnings while loading OCDB entries
2009-06-30 coppedisUpdating OCDB
2009-06-30 coppedisUpdated OCDB
2009-06-30 coppedisUpdated OCDB
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated RecoParam object for Pb-Pb data
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated RecoParam object for p-p data
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2009-05-12 coppedisUpdated alignment object
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...