Compilation warnings fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSAnalyze.cxx
2010-07-16 kharlovCompilation warnings fixed
2009-06-16 fcaFixing trunk compilation
2009-03-13 kharlovSetting "const" to member functions of AliPHOSEMCAGeometry
2009-02-02 fcaChanged AliRunLoader::GetRunLoader() into AliRunLoader...
2008-12-10 fcaFirst cleanup of Loaders
2008-05-19 prsnkoShadowed variables fixed
2008-04-05 kharlovAliPHOSGeometry is removed from AliPHOSGetter and AliPH...
2008-03-14 prsnkoSimulation parameters collected in AliPHOSSimParam
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Possibility to use actual vertex position added
2006-09-13 kharlovEffective C++ corrections (T.Pocheptsov)
2004-10-18 schutzImplement the new logging system (AliLog)
2003-11-14 schutzcoding convention
2003-09-04 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-09-03 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-04-24 schutzPossibility to draw only SDigits, Digits etc added
2002-10-29 schutzremoved iostream
2002-01-07 schutzAdded const where compiler told me to
2001-11-13 schutzDrawRecon function repeared
2001-09-26 schutzTiming added to reconstruction
2001-09-23 schutzConsistent with new AliPHOSGetter interface
2001-07-04 schutzDependency conflict resolved
2001-07-04 schutzResolved merging conflicts
2001-07-04 schutzA lot of changes here:
2001-06-13 schutzChange to comply with the new IndexToObject
2001-05-31 schutzCoding rule violation corrected
2001-04-23 hristovArray with variable size declared using new and deleted...
2001-04-13 schutzfunction Ls() added
2001-04-12 schutzAn example of analyzing methods compaticle with several...
2001-04-04 schutzcommented out methods to be adapted to the new design
2001-04-04 schutzadapted to new design, has to be completed
2001-02-16 schutzReconstruction of many events from one galice enabled
2001-02-07 schutzbag in AliPHOS::StepMamager fixed, AliPHOSCPVModule...
2001-02-06 schutzCompare() changed to Compare() const
2001-02-05 schutzparameters have been redistributed; Hits2SDigits etc...
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2000-12-22 schutzDigitization - Calibration corrected
2000-12-21 schutza quick update to correct a few coding conventions...
2000-12-20 schutzdefault thresholds are changed to faster reconstruction
2000-12-19 schutzReconstruction part now handle all geometry options
2000-12-15 schutzthe MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
2000-12-12 schutzminor corrections to comply with all platforms, as...
2000-12-08 schutztwo errors that the HP-UX compiler could not correct
2000-11-30 schutzcorrected a typo
2000-11-30 schutzmake it compile with Federico modifications
2000-11-22 schutziModule was defined twice
2000-11-20 schutzAliPHOSCPVHit inherits from AliHit
2000-11-15 schutzmodified scoping of variable to cmply with HP compiler...
2000-11-13 schutzchnqge requested by PH
2000-11-13 schutzDEC and HP compilers sufisfied
2000-11-13 martinezFunctions ReadAndPrintCPV(), AnalyzeCPV() updated
2000-11-09 martinezCoding convention rules obeyed
2000-11-03 schutzMinor correction
2000-11-03 schutzName-convetion rule violation corrected
2000-11-03 schutzDimitri : bugs fixed in link creation
2000-10-30 schutzDimitri just makes it work
2000-10-25 schutzCPV reconstruction and analysis added
2000-09-08 schutzCompilation error corrected
2000-09-08 schutzfunction ActivePPSD() added
2000-09-04 schutzPointer to RPlists etc changed to pointer-to-pointer...
2000-07-27 schutzNo major change; just to keep a version
2000-07-26 schutz1. Initialized the fObjGetter in the ctor
2000-07-25 schutzFor test purposes
2000-07-08 fcamore corrections for I/O
2000-06-24 schutznew naming of the AliPHOS versions
2000-06-09 schutzRemoved static data fgDegre and replaced by static...
2000-05-31 schutzAdded Copy ctor and assignment operator to fulfill...
2000-05-31 schutzRemoved global's to comply with Coding Conventions
2000-05-29 schutzminor bugs
2000-05-29 schutzCorrections to comply with coding convention
2000-05-25 martinezChanges in AliPHOSAnalyze for the analysis of many...
2000-04-22 martinezNew PID in AliPHOSPIDv1
2000-03-20 schutzThis is a MAJOR modification:
2000-03-15 schutzChanges imposed by HP-UX which ignores the new C++...
2000-03-13 schutzImprove documentation
2000-03-03 martinezClusterizer parameters
2000-03-03 martinezRequiring EMC in 2D histo of digits and Clusterizer...
2000-03-02 martinezEnergy threshold in digit 2D histo in DisplayRecPoints()
2000-03-02 martinezDisplayRecPoint threshold is added for digit 2D histo...
2000-03-01 schutzLimiting the number of primaries to 3 in the integer...
2000-02-22 schutzThe AliRecParticle objects are now drawable objects
2000-02-21 schutzA new particle specie was created: a PHOTON HADRON
2000-02-21 schutzThe Unfold method is now optionnal via Set(Unset)UnFold...
2000-02-17 schutzFull PID delegated to AliPHOSPID
2000-02-17 schutzParticle identification scheme included (GM)
2000-02-17 schutzParticle ID: distinguish now NEUTRAL HADRON form NEUTRAL EM
2000-02-16 schutzParticle identification improved by shower profile...
2000-02-16 schutzParticleGuesser removed and replaced by PID
2000-02-14 schutzAdded functionalities to have the list of primary parti...
2000-02-11 schutzJust updated
2000-02-03 schutzCosmetics only
2000-02-02 schutzModifications to follow the Coding Convention Rules...
2000-01-27 schutzNew classes: AliPHOSRecParticle, AliPHOSParticleGuesser...