Logics of high gain adding to digits has changed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSCalibData.cxx
2006-10-29 kharlovReturn CDB specific storage from "PHOS" back to "PHOS/*"
2006-10-27 kharlovChange specific CDB storage due to changes in CDB frame...
2006-10-09 kharlovMods due to recently changed CDB interface
2006-09-07 kharlovEffective c++ corrections (T.Pocheptsov)
2006-07-28 kharlovAdd range for RandomEMC, RandomCPV
2006-07-28 kharlovChange ECM calibration due to modifications in EMC...
2006-04-17 alibraryCoding conventions for PHOS
2006-04-11 hristovDefault constructor creates CDB storage with centrally...
2006-04-07 hristovChange CDB path to a default one (Yu.Kharlov)
2006-03-13 kharlovCalibration objects for EMC and CPV
2005-08-24 kharlovUpdate to current CDB framework
2005-06-02 schutzTypos are corrected (Y.K.)
2005-06-02 schutzFirst PHOS calibration object data (Y.K.)