Make separate, specialized geometries for RPhi and RhoZ views.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSCalibHistoProducer.h
2008-05-09 cvetanFirst step towards reading of the new RCU firmware...
2007-09-26 polichehHistograms binning and limits are set in new constructor.
2007-07-27 polichehOptimizations introduced; some new histos added
2007-04-24 polichehAdaptation to DA framework
2007-02-20 hristovRemoving warnings (icc)
2006-10-27 kharlovDifferentiate high and low gain, add switch for OldRCUf...
2006-10-04 kharlovFirst PHOS shuttle classes