[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSPIDv1.cxx
2004-01-20 schutzpolish
2004-01-09 schutzPossibility to reconstruct selected events via SetEvent...
2003-09-05 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-09-04 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-07-15 hristovCorrecting some trivial warnings on Alpha
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-05-26 hristovMinor change to compile on Sun
2003-05-18 schutzCorrected missing function SetParameter*Boundary()
2003-05-16 schutzUpdated PID with photon/pi0 recognition by M2x at high-pt
2003-03-06 schutzCoding rule corrections
2003-03-04 schutzcoding conventions corrections
2003-02-28 schutzCPV identification bit is corrected
2003-02-21 schutzCorrect version of PID
2003-02-20 schutzParameter's filename is corrected
2003-02-20 schutzUpdated PID with pi0 identification
2002-12-12 schutzPi0 identification added
2002-10-30 schutzreplaced abort() by Fatal()
2002-10-30 schutzremove iostream
2002-10-29 schutzremoved iostream
2002-10-29 schutzrestyled Print
2002-10-29 schutzremoved iostream
2002-10-21 schutzParticle identification improvment by Gustavo
2002-10-10 hristovUse Riostream.h to resolve the std namespace (Alpha...
2002-09-26 schutzreplaced setw by sdt::setw
2002-08-21 schutzElaborating split mode to write data only to the split...
2002-08-01 schutzios::out changed to ios::in (default) to be able read...
2002-07-19 hristovUsing ios or ios_base with different compilers
2002-07-18 schutzadded a data member that decides at which energyto...
2002-07-04 schutzThis patch solves the problem encountered when posting...
2002-07-03 schutzCalibration of reconstructed energy
2002-07-03 schutzAdded a protection in the dtor. When the tasks is creat...
2002-06-13 schutzAdded the option to write objects into separate files...
2002-06-12 schutznew methods to perform the PCA depending on the momentu...
2002-05-23 schutzstrstr changed by TString Containers
2002-05-21 schutzAdded a service method (BranchName) and a method that...
2002-05-16 schutzNew PID version that uses TPrincipal
2002-04-18 schutzUse same form in new and delete (item 5 of effective...
2001-12-17 schutzAdded initialisation of unused data members in TParticle
2001-11-06 schutzUnused datamembers removed
2001-10-23 hristovMinor modifications to have the test suite working...
2001-10-21 hristovSeveral pointers were set to zero in the default constr...
2001-09-26 schutzTiming added to reconstruction
2001-09-23 schutzDefault branch name set to Default; Reading of TreeR...
2001-09-12 schutzadd a data member to count the number of produced objec...
2001-07-04 schutzResolved merging conflicts
2001-07-04 schutzA lot of changes here:
2001-06-07 schutzthese TTask are posted to the apropriate folders /...
2001-05-31 schutzmerge conflicts solved
2001-05-31 schutztask becomes a subtask of PHOS; TreeD filling changed
2001-05-31 schutzcomments added
2001-05-10 schutzadded back the write tree that has mysteriously dispapered
2001-04-25 schutzInterference with other detectors removed: read/fill...
2001-04-06 schutzcan now read from HPSS
2001-04-04 schutznew design: derived from TTask
2000-12-21 schutza quick update to correct a few coding conventions...
2000-12-19 schutzReconstruction part now handle all geometry options
2000-12-15 schutzthe MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
2000-11-30 schutzmake it compile with Federico modifications
2000-11-03 schutzDimitri : bug concerning relative distances fixed
2000-10-30 schutzDimitri just makes it work
2000-06-27 schutza few modifications to satisty aCC
2000-06-08 schutzCoding convention
2000-05-29 schutzCorrections to comply with coding convention
2000-04-22 martinezNew PID in AliPHOSPIDv1
2000-03-20 schutzThis is a MAJOR modification:
2000-03-15 schutzChanges imposed by HP-UX which ignores the new C++...
2000-03-13 schutzImprove documentation
2000-02-21 schutzA new particle specie was created: a PHOTON HADRON
2000-02-17 schutzFull PID delegated to AliPHOSPID
2000-02-17 schutzParticle ID: distinguish now NEUTRAL HADRON form NEUTRAL EM
2000-02-16 schutzParticle identification improved by shower profile...
2000-02-16 schutzParticleGuesser removed and replaced by PID