Fixes for cmake
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSPreprocessor.h
2008-07-07 kharlovProcessDCS() { return kFALSE; } is removed following...
2008-06-12 polichehProcessDCS() return kFALSE
2008-05-24 polichehHLT data processing implemented.
2008-02-21 polichehAdded FindBadChannelsEmc() and CalibrateEmc(); all...
2008-02-06 polichehHigh_gain/low_gain calculation added; histogram names...
2007-04-04 polichehSpecial function for LED run; return code changed etc..
2006-11-16 kharlovDetector name is hard-coded in ctor (B.Polichtchouk)
2006-10-05 kharlovRemove declaration of unimplemented method
2006-10-04 kharlovFirst PHOS shuttle classes