Cleanup of collisions geometries and headers.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSRawDigiProducer.h
2010-01-31 kharlovALTRO samples are added to AliPHOSDigit for per-sample...
2009-09-15 prsnkoTime treating corrected in simulated and real raw data
2009-07-03 kharlovRaw data decoder is migrated from AliCaloRawStream...
2009-02-03 polichehDependence on AliPHOSRecoParam removed.
2009-01-31 polichehPossibility to set threshold in SZ runs
2008-09-07 kharlovClassDef is increased
2008-09-05 prsnkoAbility to apply calculated pedestals in ZS runs added
2008-07-22 cvetanMajor commit related to steering of the reco parameters...
2008-01-25 prsnkoAll time calibration moved to AliPHOSRawDigiProducer
2008-01-25 prsnkosample quality check added
2008-01-16 prsnkoMoved calibration here and require coincidence of HG...
2007-02-02 polichehcoding conventions
2007-02-02 polichehEmpty copy constructor and assignment operator removed.
2007-02-02 polichehClass to produce PHOS digits from raw data stream.