Charged jets (pPb): Improved trackcut analysis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSTrackSegment.cxx
2011-11-25 kharlovCoverity fix: assignment operator
2010-07-16 kharlovCompilation warnings fixed
2007-03-06 kharlovDistance to CPV in x and z separated
2006-08-28 kharlovEffective C++ warnings fixed (Timur Pocheptsov)
2005-05-28 schutzCompilation warnings fixed by T.P.
2004-04-16 schutzremoved obsolete refeference to ppsd
2003-11-14 schutzcoding convention
2003-09-04 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-09-03 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-05 schutzcoding conventions corrections
2002-10-29 schutzremoved iostream
2002-10-29 schutzremoved iostream
2002-08-21 schutzPolishing
2001-09-26 schutzTiming added to reconstruction
2001-05-31 schutzCoding rule violation corrected
2001-04-04 schutznew design: digits are not data members of AliPHOS...
2001-02-06 schutzCompare() changed to Compare() const
2000-12-21 schutza quick update to correct a few coding conventions...
2000-09-04 schutzAssingment of upper PPSD RP to TS is corrected; Algorit...
2000-06-27 schutza few modifications to satisty aCC
2000-05-29 schutzCorrections to comply with coding convention
2000-03-20 schutzThis is a MAJOR modification:
2000-03-15 schutzChanges imposed by HP-UX which ignores the new C++...
2000-03-13 schutzImprove documentation
2000-03-02 schutzadded the correction for the start point depth of the...
2000-03-01 schutzonly cosmetics
2000-02-16 schutzParticle identification improved by shower profile...
2000-02-02 schutzModifications to follow the Coding Convention Rules...
2000-01-27 schutzNew classes: AliPHOSRecParticle, AliPHOSParticleGuesser...
2000-01-19 schutzClean up to correct for the mess introduced by my erati...
1999-12-17 schutz -------------------------------------------------...