Merge branch 'master' into LocalDev
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSTrackSegmentMakerv1.cxx
2012-11-05 kharlovInitialization of TVector3 data member is corrected
2012-11-05 kharlovInitialization of TVector3 data member is corrected
2011-03-31 prsnkoCoverity fix
2011-03-30 prsnkoAnti-coverity fix (bug resulting in no TS without CPV)
2011-03-24 kharlovCoverity fixes
2011-03-07 kharlovCoverity fixes
2011-02-24 kharlovCoverity fix: sprintf is replaced by snprintf
2011-02-11 kharlovCoverity fixes
2010-03-20 kharlovProtection against uninitialized variables
2010-01-19 polichehFixed bug in the PHOS module angular direction
2010-01-17 prsnkoRotation angle corrected
2010-01-14 prsnkoTracking improved
2009-10-15 prsnkoUse genuine GetB() from AliTracker rather than copy...
2009-10-14 kharlovCompilation warnings fixed.
2009-09-25 hristovCopy/paste error + aligned source
2009-09-25 prsnkoTrack propagation to PHOS corrected and BxByBz added
2008-08-25 polichehTrack matching improved.
2008-08-18 polichehPHOS recpoint - ESD track matching when no CPV informat...
2008-05-19 fcaRemoving variable shadowing
2007-12-18 hristovSplitting of the QA maker into simulation and reconstru...
2007-10-10 schutzChanging name QualAss to QA
2007-08-28 polichehLoaders removed from the reconstruction code (C.Cheshkov)
2007-08-07 kharlovQuality assurance added (Yves Schutz)
2007-07-11 hristovNew class AliESDEvent, backward compatibility with...
2007-07-03 kharlovBug fix in CPV local coordinates
2007-06-27 kharlovBug fix for CPV-EMC distance
2007-05-04 polichehAliPHOSRecPoint inheritance from AliCluster
2007-04-02 cvetanNo more calls to gAlice in the reconstruction
2007-03-28 kharlovRecPoints recalculation in TSM removed
2007-03-07 hristovFixing copy/paste erro. Additional protections
2007-03-06 kharlovDP: xz CPV-EMC distance filled to TS
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Calculation of cluster properties dep. on vertex...
2007-02-05 kharlovModule numbering is corrected
2006-08-28 kharlovEffective C++ warnings fixed (Timur Pocheptsov)
2006-04-25 hristovMoving non-persistent data to AliESDfriend (Yu.Belikov)
2005-11-18 hristovBug fix
2005-11-17 hristovCorrected logics
2005-11-17 hristovFaster version, no attempt to match tracks outside...
2005-11-17 hristovUse references instead of objects. Avoid to create...
2005-07-08 hristovTracking in non-uniform nmagnetic field (Yu.Belikov)
2005-05-28 schutzCompilation warnings fixed by T.P.
2004-11-08 hristovUsing const char * for string literals
2004-10-20 schutzParametrized distance IP to PHOS
2004-10-18 hristovExtracting PHOS and EMCAL trackers from the correspond...
2004-09-29 schutzPossibility of On-Flight reconstruction added
2004-08-27 hristovUsing renamed interface fuction from AliESDtrack
2004-05-21 schutzChanged maximum distance between TPC track and CPV...
2004-05-06 schutzSignature of AliESDtrack::GetOuter... has changed
2004-05-04 schutzcosmetics
2004-04-16 schutzInfo removed
2004-04-16 schutzadded the charged track reference in the construction...
2004-04-13 schutzRename AliPHOSReconstructioner to AliPHOSReconstructor
2004-04-06 schutzPrecise global track matching with EMC recpoint. (YK)
2004-04-02 schutzFurther fixing of CPV recpoint cast; fixing error in...
2004-04-01 schutzGlobal tracking: 2d approach
2004-03-23 hristovAdditional protection
2004-03-22 schutzChange debug print-out
2004-03-21 schutzFirst attempt to propagate global track to PHOS
2004-02-05 schutzWhen calling the getter, the name of the file that...
2004-01-09 schutzPossibility to reconstruct selected events via SetEvent...
2003-11-14 schutzcoding convention
2003-09-04 schutzCompilation warnings fixed
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-05 schutzcoding conventions corrections
2002-10-29 schutzrestyled Print
2002-10-29 schutzremoved iostream
2002-08-21 schutzElaborating split mode to write data only to the split...
2002-07-04 schutzThis patch solves the problem encountered when posting...
2002-07-03 schutzAdded a protection in the dtor. When the tasks is creat...
2002-06-13 schutzAdded the option to write objects into separate files...
2002-05-21 schutzEnable clusterizing from any Digits branch
2002-04-25 schutzChages so that AliPHOSGetter can now post any version...
2002-04-18 schutzUse same form in new and delete (item 5 of effective...
2001-10-23 hristovMinor modifications to have the test suite working...
2001-10-04 schutzA lot of mods to put PHOS in the official TFolder/TTask...
2001-09-26 schutzTiming added to reconstruction
2001-09-23 schutzDefault branch name set to Default; Reading of TreeR...
2001-09-12 schutzadd a data member to count the number of produced objec...
2001-07-20 schutzcorrect name of benchmark
2001-07-04 schutzResolved merging conflicts
2001-07-04 schutzA lot of changes here:
2001-06-07 schutzthese TTask are posted to the apropriate folders /...
2001-05-31 schutzmerge conflicts solved
2001-05-31 schutzCoding rule violation corrected
2001-05-31 schutzcomments added
2001-04-25 schutzInterference with other detectors removed: read/fill...
2001-04-13 schutzpolishing
2001-04-06 schutzcan now read from HPSS
2001-04-04 schutznew design: digits are not data members of AliPHOS...
2001-02-06 schutzCompare() changed to Compare() const
2001-01-11 schutzTMinuit reset introduced, bags in ::UnfoldAll fixed
2000-12-21 schutza quick update to correct a few coding conventions...
2000-12-19 schutzReconstruction part now handle all geometry options
2000-12-15 schutzthe MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
2000-11-30 schutzmake it compile with Federico modifications
2000-11-03 schutzDimitri : bug concerning link creation fixed
2000-10-30 schutzDimitri just makes it work
2000-10-25 schutzNew functions MakeTrackSegmentsCPV(), FillOneModule()
2000-09-04 schutzAssingment of upper PPSD RP to TS is corrected; Algorit...
2000-07-26 schutzThe emc and ppsd multiplicity was not reinitialized...