Transition to NewIO
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / AliPHOSvFast.h
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-06 schutzcoding conventions corrections
2003-03-05 hristovIncluding assert.h (Sun)
2002-08-21 schutzpolishing
2001-10-04 schutzA lot of mods to put PHOS in the official TFolder/TTask...
2001-09-26 schutzRename of version v4
2001-06-13 schutzFirst attempt to use systemtically TFolders: the geomet...
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2000-06-08 schutzCoding convention
2000-05-29 schutzCorrections to comply with coding convention
2000-03-13 schutzImprove documentation
2000-03-02 schutzFast simulation ready to be tested
2000-03-02 schutzFast simulation continued: Particle identification...
2000-03-01 schutzContinuous progress on the Fast Simulation: AliPHOSFast...
2000-02-22 schutzThe fisrt step toward a fast simulation