bug fix in GetRefFilePrefix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / PHOSGAINda.cxx
2009-07-21 polichehFixed bug which lead to crash when reading TRU data
2009-07-10 kharlovMemory leak in AliPHOSRawFitterv0 is fixed.
2009-07-08 polichehHardcoded module number removed; ZS parameters reads...
2009-07-03 kharlovDA are updated to a new raw data decoder AliCaloRawStreamV3
2008-07-29 polichehfesfileid corrected.
2008-07-10 polichehRun type changed: PHYSICS only
2008-06-05 polichehfesfileid fixed.
2008-06-04 polichehMapping files now reads from DAQ DB; output writes...
2008-06-03 polichehReverted to old name to comply the offline agreements...