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replaces AliPHOSAliEnFile: references to AliEn removed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS / PHOSLinkDef.h
2004-03-08 schutzreplaces AliPHOSAliEnFile: references to AliEn removed
2004-03-08 schutzNew class wrapping the access of files in the AliEn...
2003-07-17 schutzIntroducing new class : AliPHOSGammaJet
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-05-23 schutzNew class AliPHOSFastGlobalReconstruction is added
2003-03-21 hristovAliPHOSMemoryWatcher moved to STEER and renamed as...
2003-03-04 schutzObsolete class AliPHOSCPVBaseGeometry removed
2003-02-21 schutzNew Jet Finder classes
2002-12-12 schutzAliPHOSCalibrationData added
2002-10-21 schutzNew classes for beam test analysis
2002-06-17 schutzNew utility class that watches the memory usage .....
2002-05-16 schutzNew version of PID
2002-04-25 schutzNew PID class PIDv2
2001-10-05 schutzNew Clusterization by IHEP (yuri)
2001-09-26 schutzMethod to account crossing thresold by time signal...
2001-09-26 schutzA new (final?) geometry developed
2001-07-04 schutzAliPHOSGetter is a singleton class that takes of the...
2001-06-05 schutzAliPHOSvImpacts and AliPHOSImpact is added
2001-06-05 schutzadded the QA checkable-chekers using TTask and TFolder
2001-04-04 schutznew classes that were automatically generated from...
2001-03-12 schutznew classes for digitization derived from TTask
2001-02-07 schutzbag in AliPHOS::StepMamager fixed, AliPHOSCPVModule...
2001-02-06 schutzCompare() changed to Compare() const
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2000-11-14 schutzAliPHOSSupportGeometry added
2000-11-03 schutzName-convetion rule violation corrected
2000-10-25 schutzNew EMCA, CPV, PPSD classes
2000-06-24 schutznew naming of the AliPHOS versions
2000-05-31 schutzRenaming AliPHOSv0hits to AliPHOSv1 and AliPHOSv1 to...
2000-05-29 schutzCorrections to comply with coding convention
2000-03-28 martinezNew PHOSLinkDef containing AliPHOSv0hits class
2000-03-28 martinezAdding new classe AliPHOSv0_hits
2000-03-20 schutzThis is a MAJOR modification:
2000-03-13 schutzImprove documentation
2000-03-01 schutzContinuous progress on the Fast Simulation: AliPHOSFast...
2000-02-22 schutzThe fisrt step toward a fast simulation
2000-02-16 schutzParticleGuesser removed and replaced by PID
2000-02-14 schutzAliPHOSDigit has its own streamer
2000-02-02 schutzModifications to follow the Coding Convention Rules...
2000-01-27 schutzNew classes: AliPHOSRecParticle, AliPHOSParticleGuesser...
2000-01-19 schutzClean up to correct for the mess introduced by my erati...
1999-12-17 schutz -------------------------------------------------...
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the reference to Copyright and cvs Id
1999-09-24 fcaNew version from Y.Kharlov
1999-06-11 fcaNew version of PHOS introduced with CPV, thanks to...
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...