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2015-03-04 Matthias RichterUpdate master to aliroot master
2015-02-16 prsnkoUpdated macros for PHOS alignment calculation
2015-01-11 allaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-01-08 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-15 agrigoraNew CMake build implementation
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 agrigoraPHOS module
2014-01-20 jbookMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2013-02-26 hqvigstaAdded PHOS temperature macro and csv files
2013-02-04 hqvigstaAdded PHOS/macros/Trigger/raw and contained code.
2013-02-04 hqvigstaAdded README to PHOS/macros/Trigger/OCDB, explaining...
2012-10-09 hqvigstaFixed macro TString input argument default value, it...
2012-04-16 hqvigstaAdded functionality of storing named dat based AliPHOST...
2012-03-22 hqvigstafix for PHOS/macros/Trigger/OCDB/testReadTRUPedestals.C
2012-03-22 hqvigstaRemoved PHOS/macros/Trigger/OCDB/readTRUPedestals_C.d
2011-12-10 polichehPHOS trigger information in the ESD.
2011-12-09 kharlovMacro to update recoparameters
2011-10-28 kharlovOCDB object for the PHOS trigger parameters and a test...
2011-10-27 prsnkoMacros to handle OADB files
2011-09-26 kharlovBug fixes. Trigger classes selection is added.
2011-08-01 polichehIntroduction of decalibration in the simulations with...
2011-06-01 kharlovMacro to read PHOS raw data and print the PHOS trigger...
2011-03-15 kharlovRaw data analysys for pedestal runs
2011-02-22 polichehCoverity fixes.
2011-02-07 kharlovA script and correction OCDB to create calibration...
2011-02-07 polichehCoverity fixes.
2011-01-07 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETEV1 (Gustavo)
2010-10-05 prsnkoSeveral nonlinearity corrections implemented
2009-12-06 kharlovUpdating the PHOS mapping due to found swap of ALTRO...
2009-11-08 kharlovNew PHOS mapping is uploaded:
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-09-27 polichehMapping corrected (low gain was erroneously treated...
2009-09-27 polichehMacto to write mapping to the OCDB.
2009-09-02 kharlovDifferent mapping files per module are created by Write...
2009-09-02 hristovFixes for bug #52499: Field polarities inconsistiency
2009-08-19 kharlovBug fix to differ high gain and low gain addresses.
2009-08-16 kharlovMapping error is corrected.
2009-08-15 kharlovThe new PHOS RCU and TRU mapping
2009-07-17 polichehDependence on OCDB removed (geometry transformation...
2009-07-09 polichehCorrected to work with the pi0 calibration library...
2009-07-03 polichehSeparate library for pi0 calibration.
2009-05-22 polichehChanges to make analysis macro working with trunk
2009-05-20 polichehToolkit for pi0 calibration.
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2009-01-26 kharlovNew EMC ideal calibration with all gains=0.005
2008-08-23 fcaACORDEv1 is now the default
2008-07-29 kharlovMacro to create alignment object for the PHOS module...
2008-07-20 kharlovScript to create a random bad channel map.
2008-06-25 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETE by default (Jennifer)
2008-03-14 prsnkoAdd example of mixing with RAW
2008-03-13 polichehReconstructiom macro updated, most of the controls...
2007-11-01 kharlovMacros to produce bad modules map from ESD
2007-10-30 alibraryUsing symbolic particle types everywhere
2007-10-25 kharlovTools for embedding
2007-10-19 kharlovExample of low-level data processing
2007-08-31 polichehReconstruction parameters now can be changed on the...
2007-08-28 hristovAliAlignObjAngles becomes AliAlignObjParams (Raffaele)
2007-07-24 polichehUsage of RecoParam objects instead of hardcoded paramet...
2007-06-12 kharlovNew ideal set of calibration parameters and bad channel...
2007-05-15 cvetanMoving the alignment-related static methods from AliAli...
2007-05-03 kharlovUpdate specific storage and run range
2007-03-12 kharlovCVS label included
2007-03-12 kharlovFirst upload of a macro to create raw data manually
2006-12-01 kharlovClose histo file in destructor. Load libPHOSshuttle...
2006-11-29 hristovCRT becomes ACORDE
2006-11-29 hristovSTART becomes T0
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-10-19 schutzIncluded new data member to change patch size in calori...
2006-10-17 kharlovReconstruction macro for simulated raw data (B.Polichtc...
2006-10-04 kharlovExample of PHOS shuttle usage (B.Polichtchouk)
2006-09-27 kharlovAlignment object with symbolic volume names are introduced
2006-08-31 kharlovConvertion DATE to ROOT format
2006-08-30 kharlovInitial calibration coefficients for beam test 2006...
2006-08-30 kharlovBeam test 2006 reconstruction (B.Polichtchouk)
2006-07-28 kharlovAdd range for RandomEMC, RandomCPV
2006-06-06 kharlovCalibration parameters for ideal calibration, decalibra...
2006-05-28 kharlovObsolete file removed
2006-05-28 kharlovCreate ideal, residual and fully displaced alignment...
2006-05-28 kharlovObsolete file removed
2006-04-29 hristovNew default calibration parameters (Yu.Kharlov)
2006-04-07 hristovFollow AliAlignObj framework and remove AliPHOSAlignDat...
2006-03-16 kharlovRemove macro as obsolete
2006-03-16 kharlovUpdates according to recent changes in AliPHOSCalibData...
2006-03-07 kharlovIdeal 5-module PHOS geometry
2006-03-07 kharlovRemove CDB setting from the script. It is passed via...
2006-03-05 kharlovScripts for PHOS alignment
2006-02-10 kharlovCorrections for CINT compilation
2005-12-20 schutzremoved constant parameters
2005-12-20 kharlovCorrected include path to AliReadESD.h
2005-11-22 kharlovUpdated to new CDB
2005-09-21 kharlovExample of calibration using CDB
2005-09-02 kharlovReadCC is added
2005-09-02 kharlovDecalibrate simulated data
2005-08-29 kharlovScript to create calibration DB
2005-08-18 schutzcorrection for files in subdir
2005-08-17 schutzaddin Read ESD macro
2005-06-02 schutzTest Suite of PHOS calibration DB access