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2005-10-24 hristovNew raw data versioning scheme.
2005-09-27 hristovNew version of CDB storage framework (A.Colla)
2005-09-21 kharlovExample of calibration using CDB
2005-09-21 kharlovReading calibration from CDB (Boris Polichtchouk)
2005-09-21 hristovChanges in GetPrimaryIndex (G.Conesa)
2005-09-05 kharlovSwap row and columns in Calibrate()
2005-09-02 kharlovAdd comments in GetCalibrationParameters and Calibrate
2005-09-02 kharlovReadCC is added
2005-09-02 kharlovDecalibrate simulated data
2005-09-02 kharlovCalibration of raw data
2005-09-02 kharlovCompiler warnings fixed. FitRaw after loop removed
2005-08-29 kharlovScript to create calibration DB
2005-08-24 kharlovUpdate to current CDB framework
2005-08-24 kharlovCalibration data for raw digits
2005-08-24 kharlovAdding CalibData()
2005-08-24 kharlovSetting raw digits flag
2005-08-18 schutzcorrection for files in subdir
2005-08-17 schutzaddin Read ESD macro
2005-07-27 kharlovMixture ArCO2 is corrected
2005-07-26 kharlovRestoring raw data fit from version of 29-Aug-2004
2005-07-26 hristovLoading the event header (Y.Schutz)
2005-07-25 kharlovRead raw data
2005-07-25 kharlovSet raw data reader
2005-07-25 kharlovReading raw data
2005-07-15 hristovSkip the indexes of tracks belonging to the underlying...
2005-07-15 kharlovMore coorections in GetPrimaryIndex
2005-07-14 schutza few corrections in GetPrimaryIndex
2005-07-14 kharlovnew class AliPHOSCalibData is added
2005-07-14 kharlovESD track has a label set
2005-07-14 kharlovNew method GetPrimaryIndex() added
2005-07-12 hristovChanges needed to run simulation and reconstrruction...
2005-07-08 hristovTracking in non-uniform nmagnetic field (Yu.Belikov)
2005-07-06 hristovMoving the functions used to initialize TF1 and TF2...
2005-07-01 kharlovWarning fix on AddHit in gcc 3.4.2
2005-06-17 hristovRemoving GetDebug and SetDebug from AliRun and AliModul...
2005-06-02 schutzTest Suite of PHOS calibration DB access
2005-06-02 schutzTypos are corrected (Y.K.)
2005-06-02 schutzFirst PHOS calibration object data (Y.K.)
2005-05-28 schutzCompilation warnings fixed by T.P.
2005-05-28 schutzCopy constructor is corrected (by T.P.)
2005-05-25 rdmsince TGrid has been changed in ROOT v5 added ifdefs...
2005-04-29 alibraryCoding Conventions & Cleanup
2005-04-21 schutzFix of Digitizer writing to a file
2005-04-17 hristovChanges needed on Sun with Root v4-03-04
2005-04-13 alibrarySplitting loader class to have proper debug messages
2005-04-11 schutzParameters to calculate the particle probability distri...
2005-04-10 hristovTypo
2005-04-05 schutzIncluded the weight to hadrons as a function of their...
2005-03-28 schutzNumber of Ex-maxima set in clusters
2005-03-24 schutzCoding violations corrected
2005-03-22 schutzFinal version used to produce the ALICE NOTE on gamma...
2005-02-04 hristovDummy implementation of Alarms
2005-02-02 hristovRemoving QA files from compilation
2005-02-01 schutzRemoved the QA checker mechanism
2005-01-21 schutzGet the instance of the Getter without arguments (cause...
2005-01-21 schutzChange pointer to obj for the creation of the digitizer
2004-12-18 hristovRemoving extra semicolons (FedoraCore3, gcc 3.4.2)
2004-12-14 schutzMaterial FR4 is corrected
2004-12-09 schutzCorrect: wrong matching between CPV and EMC, initial...
2004-11-19 hristovNew class for PID constants and methods. Changes in...
2004-11-09 hristovRemoving meaningelss const (warnings on alpha, sun...
2004-11-08 hristovUsing const char * for string literals
2004-11-08 hristovRemoving meaningless type qualifier on return type...
2004-11-02 hristovUsing raw reader from the RAW module instead of home...
2004-10-29 hristovFixing memory leaks. Using TMath functions instead...
2004-10-28 schutzCoding convention sutisfied
2004-10-28 schutzcoding conventions resolved
2004-10-20 schutzImplement modif in SetRunTracking
2004-10-20 schutzParametrized distance IP to PHOS
2004-10-19 schutzfPrimary in Hits removed, using fTrack now
2004-10-18 hristovExtracting PHOS and EMCAL trackers from the correspond...
2004-10-18 schutzImplement the new logging system (AliLog)
2004-10-18 schutzImplement the new logging system (AliLog)
2004-10-14 hristovTemporary fix waiting for the real changes
2004-10-13 hristovUsing static variables to access the volume ID avoiding...
2004-10-11 schutzNew PID based on bayesian, updated, more complete PID
2004-10-06 schutzPrint removed
2004-10-06 schutzHits primary definition changes so that exclude primari...
2004-10-01 schutzPrints removed
2004-10-01 schutzInitialization of fCalibrDB added
2004-09-29 schutzMacro for conversion ASCII file with calibration parame...
2004-09-29 schutzheaders to compile without ALI_DAT
2004-09-29 schutzClass for reading raw data
2004-09-29 schutzClass for online monitoring of BeamTests
2004-09-29 schutzA simple substitute of AliPHOSGetter for OnFlight mode
2004-09-29 schutzInterface simplified
2004-09-29 schutzValidityRange removed, possibility to read from ASCII...
2004-09-29 schutzTest on PHOSloader existence added to destr.
2004-09-29 schutzA cut on minimal digit energy added; OnFlight mode...
2004-09-29 schutzdelete[] ->delete in destructor
2004-09-29 schutzGetNumberLocMax() comparison with same digit removed...
2004-09-29 schutzMethods made virtual to allow On-Flight reconstruction...
2004-09-29 schutzTest on PHOSloader existence added to destr.
2004-09-29 schutzClasses for online analysis added
2004-09-29 schutzVersion for beam test analysis
2004-09-29 schutzPossibility of On-Flight reconstruction added
2004-08-28 schutzCorrect errors in the methods calculating digits from...
2004-08-28 schutzWrite only one set of raw data: either low gain or...
2004-08-27 hristovSearch for new detector object only in case its loader...
2004-08-27 hristovUsing renamed interface fuction from AliESDtrack