Protection against special particle types.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS /
2007-04-16 kharlovIncedent angle correction fixed
2007-04-11 polichehSetDistancesToBadChannels() added.
2007-04-11 polichehGetter for bad channel Ids added.
2007-04-11 polichehCalculation of bad crystals Ids
2007-04-10 kharlovDecalibration should use the same CDB as calibration...
2007-04-06 polichehEMC bad channels map added.
2007-04-05 polichehIntroduced distance to nearest bad crystal.
2007-04-04 polichehSpecial function for LED run; return code changed etc..
2007-04-02 cvetanNo more calls to gAlice in the reconstruction
2007-04-01 kharlovD.P.: Produce EMCTrackSegments using TPC/ITS tracks...
2007-04-01 kharlovCorrection for actual vertex position implemented
2007-04-01 kharlovTGeo RS to Local RS transf matr added
2007-04-01 kharlovRedundant Print removed
2007-03-28 polichehAdded protection against zero calibration coefficients.
2007-03-28 kharlovRecPoints recalculation in TSM removed
2007-03-23 polichehCheck for dead channels and dead channels map filling...
2007-03-23 polichehEMC bad channels map class added.
2007-03-23 polichehEMC bad channels map introduced.
2007-03-22 kharlovDP:absId calculation fixed
2007-03-16 polichehRandom seed for the ref. histo selection set to the...
2007-03-14 polichehHardcoded source file name removed.
2007-03-12 kharlovCVS label included
2007-03-12 kharlovFirst upload of a macro to create raw data manually
2007-03-10 kharlovProtection for noCPV geometry
2007-03-07 hristovFixing copy/paste erro. Additional protections
2007-03-06 kharlovNew class AliPHOSTrackSegmentMakerv2 is added
2007-03-06 kharlovDP: xz CPV-EMC distance filled to TS
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Misalignment of CPV added
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Misalignment of CPV added
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Possibility to use actual vertex position added
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:calculation of distance to CPV done in TSM
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Calculation of cluster properties dep. on vertex...
2007-03-06 kharlovDistance to CPV in x and z separated
2007-03-06 kharlovReal geometry using TGeo implemented
2007-03-06 kharlovCalculation of cluster properties dep. on vertex pospon...
2007-03-06 kharlovDP:Possibility to use actual vertex position added
2007-03-05 hristovRemoving some warnings
2007-03-05 hristovRemoving some warnings
2007-03-04 schutzMedium Jet pT L1 trigger input added
2007-03-02 hristovUpdated version (Gustavo)
2007-03-01 kharlovStrip units changed from 8x1 to 8x2 (T.Pocheptsov)
2007-02-28 schutzIndex of PHOS modules to calculate AbsId begins at...
2007-02-26 hristovAdding information from the PHOS trigger (Gustavo,...
2007-02-25 polichehDigits2Raw(): ALTRO buffer and mapping created per...
2007-02-20 hristovRemoving warnings (icc)
2007-02-20 polichehmod,col,row indeces fixed.
2007-02-18 kharlovCorrections for memory leak in Digits2Raw due to AliAlt...
2007-02-16 polichehAdded container classes for the PHOS reconstruction.
2007-02-16 polichehContainer classes for the PHOS reconstruction parameters.
2007-02-13 polichehRaw2SDigits() implemented
2007-02-13 hristovUpdated names of the environment variables (no dollar...
2007-02-07 hristovFull set of updated misalignment macros (Raffaele)
2007-02-06 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-06 polichehChanges for using the functionality of AliPHOSRawDecoder
2007-02-05 hristovChanges for correct initialization of Geant4 (Mihaela)
2007-02-05 kharlovModule numbering is corrected
2007-02-02 philleIncreased the number of timebins to 1008 (the max limit...
2007-02-02 polichehcoding conventions
2007-02-02 polichehEmpty copy constructor and assignment operator removed.
2007-02-02 polichehClass to produce PHOS digits from raw data stream.
2007-02-02 alibraryIncludes required by ROOT head
2007-02-01 hristovForward declaration
2007-02-01 hristovRemoving warnings on Solaris x86
2007-01-31 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2007-01-30 polichehNew class AliPHOSRawDecoder introduced.
2007-01-29 kharlovDigits2Raw(): special workaround for digits with time...
2007-01-26 hristovMoving AliPHOSPulseGenerator to libPHOSbase
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2007-01-23 kharlovTime histogram filling is corrected to a version 1.118
2007-01-22 kharlovTime of samples is read from raw data
2007-01-22 kharlovRealistic pulse shape parameters
2007-01-19 kharlovImproved formatting for Print()
2007-01-19 kharlovRemoval of double digits with high and low gains
2007-01-19 kharlovIn ReadRaw(): create pulse generator in stack instead...
2007-01-19 kharlovAdd digitization of amplitudes, baseline and noise
2007-01-17 kharlovLogical expression in a loop corrected
2007-01-17 kharlovExtract ALTRO sample generation to a separate class...
2007-01-16 polichehreturn values changed in some cases; AliInfo() changed...
2007-01-15 alibraryInserting TMath.h where required by the new version...
2007-01-15 kharlovSet PHOS flag to AliESDCaloCluster
2007-01-14 kharlovLogics of high gain adding to digits has changed
2007-01-12 kharlovSimulate and reconstruct two gains simulaneouslsy
2007-01-10 kharlovRaw digits writing to file (B.Polichtchouk)
2006-12-20 kharlovOptional geometry without CPV
2006-12-19 kharlovInput histograms with crystal amplitudes for Shuttle
2006-12-15 hristovUsing TMath::Abs instead of fabs
2006-12-12 kharlovNew algorithm for selecting a random reference histogra...
2006-12-01 kharlovClose histo file in destructor. Load libPHOSshuttle...
2006-11-29 hristovCRT becomes ACORDE
2006-11-29 hristovSTART becomes T0
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-23 hristovCommon class for raw data reading and ALTRO mappiing...
2006-11-16 kharlovDetector name is hard-coded in ctor (B.Polichtchouk)
2006-11-15 kharlovNew FillESD() for raw data is added
2006-11-14 hristovRemoving inheritances from TAttLine, TAttMarker and...
2006-11-10 schutzadded cdb stuff
2006-11-10 schutzadded cdb stuff
2006-11-07 kharlovCorrections for next event switch in case of raw data...
2006-10-29 kharlovReturn CDB specific storage from "PHOS" back to "PHOS/*"
2006-10-27 kharlovIntroduce AliDebug and AliLog (B.Polichtchouk)