Possibility to define the magnetic field in the reconstruction (Yu.Belikov)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PHOS /
2001-04-13 schutzGetPrimaries modified
2001-04-13 schutzGetSDigitsBranch method added
2001-04-13 schutzGetPrimaries Removed - get them from EmcRecPoint
2001-04-13 schutzfHeaderFileName set in ctr
2001-04-13 schutzpolishing
2001-04-13 schutzfunction Ls() added
2001-04-13 schutzDefining of the branch titles corrected
2001-04-12 schutzAn example of analyzing methods compaticle with several...
2001-04-06 schutzRemoved default values in pure abstract class
2001-04-06 schutzcan now read from HPSS
2001-04-06 schutzRemoved default values in pure abstract class
2001-04-05 schutznew methods added
2001-04-05 schutzfDigitizer set to 0 in ctr
2001-04-05 schutzMathod StartFrom changed
2001-04-05 schutzadded the ctor of AliDetector which was removed by...
2001-04-05 schutzcancel previous update
2001-04-05 schutzchanges in the geometry
2001-04-04 schutzcorrect an error in naming volume PCEL was defined...
2001-04-04 schutzcleanup
2001-04-04 schutzremoved left over to adapt to the new design
2001-04-04 schutznew html documentatin
2001-04-04 schutznew classes that were automatically generated from...
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration
2001-04-04 schutzremove useless ctor
2001-04-04 schutznew volume names
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration, replace assert by abort
2001-04-04 schutznew design: digits are not data members of AliPHOS...
2001-04-04 schutznew design: derived from TTask
2001-04-04 schutznew design: singleton to be used instead od AliPHOS...
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration
2001-04-04 schutznew design: digits are not data members of AliPHOS...
2001-04-04 schutzcan now only write mixed digits into one of the file...
2001-04-04 schutznew volume names
2001-04-04 schutznew design:derived from AliPHOSEmcRecPoint. methods...
2001-04-04 schutznew design:clusterizers derive from TTask
2001-04-04 schutzcommented out methods to be adapted to the new design
2001-04-04 schutzadapted to new design, has to be completed
2001-04-04 schutzalot of cleaning: reconstruction data members removed...
2001-03-13 hristovDefault arguments set only in the header file
2001-03-12 hristovChanges needed on Sun with CC 5.0
2001-03-12 schutznew classes for digitization derived from TTask
2001-03-12 schutzHits with detailed information moved to AliPHOSDebugHit
2001-03-12 hristovObsolete lines for reverse eng. removed
2001-03-06 schutzbag in shower depth correction fixed
2001-03-06 schutzbag in shower depth correction fixed
2001-02-21 schutzall datamembers like fDigits etc are created now on...
2001-02-19 schutzselection of the active detector modified in 3 very...
2001-02-19 schutzfEmcRecPoints etc are created now in SetTreeAdress...
2001-02-16 schutzReconstruction of many events from one galice enabled
2001-02-12 schutzadded 3 macros for the reconstruction starting with...
2001-02-07 schutzbag in AliPHOS::StepMamager fixed, AliPHOSCPVModule...
2001-02-07 schutzNo need any more
2001-02-07 schutzxyd is now initialized to 0,0,0
2001-02-07 schutzCPVHit has been moved into Hit
2001-02-06 schutzCompare() changed to Compare() const
2001-02-06 schutzadded data members to Hit for entrance position and...
2001-02-05 hristovCompare() declared const (R.Brun)
2001-02-05 schutzposition of the particle initiating the hit in PHOS
2001-02-05 schutzparameters have been redistributed; Hits2SDigits etc...
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2001-01-12 schutzpolish
2001-01-11 schutzTMinuit reset introduced, bags in ::UnfoldAll fixed
2001-01-11 schutzBag in ::Compare() fixed
2000-12-22 schutzDigitization - Calibration corrected
2000-12-21 schutza quick update to correct a few coding conventions...
2000-12-20 schutzdefault thresholds are changed to faster reconstruction
2000-12-19 schutzReconstruction part now handle all geometry options
2000-12-15 schutzthe MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
2000-12-14 schutzadded gAlice->AddHitList(fHits);
2000-12-13 schutzremoved obsolete files
2000-12-13 schutzcorrected xyd[2] into xyd[3] typo)
2000-12-13 schutzmods requested by fca
2000-12-12 schutzminor corrections to comply with all platforms, as...
2000-12-08 schutztwo errors that the HP-UX compiler could not correct
2000-11-30 schutzcorrected a typo
2000-11-30 schutzmake it compile with Federico modifications
2000-11-27 schutztest existence of pointer before applying a method
2000-11-22 schutziModule was defined twice
2000-11-20 schutzprevious error corrected
2000-11-20 schutzResetHits() corrected
2000-11-20 schutzAliPHOSCPVHit inherits from AliHit
2000-11-15 schutzmodified scoping of variable to cmply with HP compiler...
2000-11-14 schutzNew class for PHOS support geometry
2000-11-14 schutzAliPHOSSupportGeometry added
2000-11-14 schutzPHOS support added
2000-11-14 schutzNew function CreateGeometryforSUpport()
2000-11-14 schutzNew material added
2000-11-13 schutzchnqge requested by PH
2000-11-13 schutzThe hit knows now the track at its origine> AddHit...
2000-11-13 schutzDEC and HP compilers sufisfied
2000-11-13 schutzaccumulated hits are now stored in TreeH
2000-11-13 martinezCPV clusterization updated
2000-11-13 martinezCopy constructor and operator = changed
2000-11-13 martinezFunctions ReadAndPrintCPV(), AnalyzeCPV() updated
2000-11-09 martinezNew function SetDebugLevel(Int_t)
2000-11-09 martinezCoding convention rules obeyed
2000-11-06 martinezMember function ReconstructCPV() is excluded.
2000-11-03 schutzRemoved due to source convention rules
2000-11-03 schutzCoding convention rules obeyed
2000-11-03 schutzMinor correction