Trigger scalers added to ESD header.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PMD / AliPMDClustering.h
2009-05-26 basantaisolated cell serach included in AliPMDClusteringV1...
2006-03-01 bnandibase class for clustering
2005-01-27 bnandiSetDebug removed and AliLog is implemented
2004-04-03 bnandifew changes by Thomas Kuhr
2004-03-29 bnandiDet and SMN converted from float to int
2004-03-01 bnandiCoordinates are transformed to a Rhombus
2003-11-10 bnandivariables names changed according to ALICE convention
2003-10-08 bnandichanges according to NewGeometry
2003-10-01 bnandiremoved cell_pos
2003-09-25 hristovCorrected initialization of static variables, removed...
2003-09-13 bnandiremoved pmdcontainer
2003-09-13 bnandiclustering algorithm