parity bit is introduced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PMD / AliPMDDDLRawData.cxx
2007-02-10 bnandiparity bit is introduced
2006-11-13 bnandifinal channel to row col mapping plugged in
2006-08-28 bnandinew format for raw data
2006-08-22 bnandiimplementation of effc++
2006-07-04 bnandiPMD new raw data writer
2006-06-28 cvetanNew detector numbering scheme (common for DAQ/HLT/Offli...
2005-01-27 bnandiAliLog is implemented
2004-07-04 bnandiClean up in the code
2004-07-02 bnandiused AliBitPacking
2004-06-15 bnandichange in mapping
2004-05-19 hristovRemoving warnings
2004-05-19 hristovBug fixes
2004-05-19 bnandiPMD DDL raw data