Removed CDB in /home/basanta/ALISOFT/AliRoot
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PMD / AliPMDDigitizer.cxx
2007-06-07 bnandiRemoved CDB in /home/basanta/ALISOFT/AliRoot
2007-06-05 hristovRemoving verbose output
2007-06-03 bnandiDecalibration is done Exec method
2007-05-17 bnandiDecalibration is added to SDigits2Digits and Hits2Digits
2006-11-21 bnandichanges in the method OpengAliceFile
2006-11-14 hristovRemoving inheritances from TAttLine, TAttMarker and...
2006-11-13 bnandiddl index is added to DDlData method
2006-08-22 bnandiimplementation of effc++
2006-05-03 hristovNew version of the PMD geometry (Basanta)
2006-03-17 bnandifix in Gain
2006-03-17 bnandifix in the method Gain
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration function added
2005-01-27 bnandiAliLog is implemented
2004-06-18 bnandibug in Hits2Digits fixed
2004-05-19 hristovBug fixes
2004-05-19 bnandiEnergy deposition converted to 12 bit ADC
2004-05-11 hristovUpdate mode for digits instead of recreate to avoid...
2004-04-03 bnandifew changes by Thomas Kuhr
2004-03-22 hristovCoding conventions (F.Carminati)
2004-02-16 hristovReducing printout. Removing warnings from NewIO
2004-01-20 hristovNew version of PMD digitizer (B.Nandi)
2004-01-09 hristovFixes in the memory managment
2003-12-06 bnandifVolme replaced by GetVolume
2003-12-05 hristovInitialization of data members
2003-12-01 hristovOpening run loader in update mode (T.Kuhr)
2003-11-27 hristovCode for simulation, sdigitization and digitization...
2003-11-12 bnandiprint in a file removed
2003-11-10 bnandimev2adc defined to be const
2003-11-10 bnandiremoved unwanted cout
2003-11-10 bnandibug fixed
2003-11-04 bnandichanged according to alice coding convention
2003-10-31 bnandivariable names are changed according to ALICE convention
2003-10-23 hristovMC-dependent part of AliRun extracted in AliMC (F.Carmi...
2003-10-21 bnandiSTL vector and algorithm removed
2003-10-06 bnandichanges according to NewGeometry
2003-09-18 alibraryRemoving unused include
2003-09-13 bnandiremoved pmdcontainer
2003-09-13 bnandiPMD digitization program