Fix funny signs in combo boxes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PMD / AliPMDPreprocessor.cxx
2010-09-10 basantavariables are initialised at creation
2010-03-16 basantaPreprocessor modified not to send the correct gain...
2009-06-22 basantahot channels and modulewise mean values are taken care...
2009-06-09 basantahot cell file added to the shuttle
2008-08-29 hristovUpdated version (Zubayer)
2008-07-11 basantaruntype set to pedestal
2008-03-30 basantaAddRunType added
2007-11-05 bnanditime range changed
2007-11-02 bnandiPreprocessor with DCS
2007-10-30 bnandicoding violation fixed
2007-07-19 bnandipedestal info added
2007-06-07 bnandiUnused variable i removed
2007-05-03 hristovError message, consistent return value (Zubayer)
2007-05-02 bnandichanges in the code
2007-02-20 bnandictor modified
2006-11-21 bnandiPMD preprocessor