[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PMD / AliPMDtracker.cxx
2011-06-04 basantacoverity warning is fixed
2011-02-19 basantafixed coverity warnings
2010-10-09 basantacoverity defects fixed
2010-10-03 basantadefects fixed
2010-09-14 basantabug fixed for alignment, removed alignment database...
2010-09-10 basantavariables are initialised at creation
2010-07-07 hristovFix for memory leaks
2010-06-07 basantaalignment data included to calculate the final position
2010-02-20 basantainitialisation warning fixed
2010-01-30 basantarow and col are correctly put in sigmaY
2010-01-13 basantaphoton trackid assignment is corrected
2009-10-04 basantaBug fixed for the CPV plane to get the correct track...
2009-07-06 basantabug is fixed
2009-07-01 basantaIn clustering code the method name is changed, Bug...
2009-06-02 hristov The track number and track pid associated with the...
2009-05-28 basantatrack number and pid propagated to clusters
2009-05-26 basantaisolated cell serach included in AliPMDClusteringV1...
2009-01-02 fcaSeveral Changes:
2008-06-13 basantamemory leak rectified
2008-06-10 basantaTwo end words are added at the end of DDL file in Simul...
2007-09-10 hristovFixes for some mem-leaks: most changes where pretty...
2007-07-11 hristovNew class AliESDEvent, backward compatibility with...
2006-11-13 bnandiddl index is added to DDlData method
2006-08-22 bnandiimplementation of effc++
2006-07-12 bnandidimensions are changed because of different modules
2006-03-17 bnandifix in Gain
2006-03-17 bnandifix in the method Gain
2006-03-01 bnandiesd variables modified
2005-01-27 bnandiAliLog is implemented
2004-04-01 hristovProtection against missing branch (T.Kuhr)
2004-03-29 bnandiUsed for Discrimination