add GetNAcceptedClusters() function
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG / EMCAL / AliClusterContainer.h
2014-09-02 mverweijadd GetNAcceptedClusters() function
2014-01-21 loizidesadd setter
2014-01-21 loizidesadded potential cut on energy
2013-10-15 loizidesRemoved depricated analysis framework, ie renamed
2013-09-04 loizidesTransition to new base class (Salvatore/Marta).
2013-08-29 loizidesUse of AliEmcalParticle with new dev classes
2013-08-05 loizidesFrom Salvatore and Marta:
2013-06-12 loizidesjet framework from Marta/Salvatore