o small fix
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2013-09-04 loizidesadd optional parameter for task name
2013-09-04 loizidesTransition to new base class (Salvatore/Marta).
2013-08-29 loizidesUse of AliEmcalParticle with new dev classes
2013-08-24 loizidesinclude all 2013 periods
2013-08-19 loizidesUpdate from Jiri: enables the task to create a very...
2013-08-19 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2013-08-08 loizidesfix to stream fNcentBins
2013-08-07 loizidesfix
2013-08-07 loizidesFix from Salvatore for new framework
2013-08-06 loizidesAutomatic determination of includeITS (Rongrong)
2013-08-05 loizidesFrom Salvatore and Marta:
2013-07-31 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-07-24 loizidesfix. Thanks to Salvatore
2013-07-19 loizidesInclude lhc13b4_fix
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-08 gconesabincrease classdef - Marta
2013-07-08 gconesabdo not stream the number of centrality bins - Marta
2013-07-04 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-07-04 loizidesMore getters and minor fixes (Marta)
2013-07-02 loizidesFrom Marta: A small patch to avoid a too large bin...
2013-07-01 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-06-27 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-06-26 loizidesCode to match jet patch trigger to jets (from Jiri...
2013-06-19 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-06-19 loizidesfix from Marta
2013-06-18 loizidesallow to set timing cuts
2013-06-12 loizidesjet framework from Marta/Salvatore
2013-06-12 loizidesconsistently figure out track cuts (from Ruediger)
2013-06-12 loizidesconsistently figure out track cuts (from Ruediger)
2013-05-16 morsch- AliAnalysisTaskSAQA: new QA histograms
2013-05-16 morschPatch for AOD to keep the extrapolated pT at
2013-05-10 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-05-09 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-05-02 loizidescosmetics
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2013-04-29 loizidesexit if no operation is requested (Salvatore)
2013-04-29 loizidesoptional QA histograms (Salvatore)
2013-04-29 loizidesoptional QA histograms (Salvatore)
2013-04-25 loizidescosmetics
2013-04-21 morschI added a new field in AliESDCaloCluster/AliAODCluster...
2013-04-19 loizidesfrom rongrong
2013-04-11 loizidesfix (ruediger)
2013-04-10 loizidesadditional period
2013-04-08 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-04-03 loizidespreparing for new aod
2013-04-03 loizidesuse new GetTPCncls call on AOD
2013-04-03 loizidesmake thresholds settable (Mauro)
2013-03-27 loizidesfrom salvatore
2013-03-25 loizidesbe able to change etamax cut
2013-03-25 loizidesadditional fixes from Salvatore
2013-03-24 loizidesUp from Salvatore
2013-03-21 loizidesfix
2013-03-21 loizidesup from salvatore
2013-03-18 loizidesup from Salvatore
2013-03-16 loizidesallow to set more options
2013-03-16 loizidesrelease eta cuts...
2013-03-13 loizidescosmetics
2013-03-13 loizidesset to default value for LHC11h
2013-03-10 loizidesfixes from Salvatore
2013-03-06 loizidescluster param class
2013-03-06 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-03-03 loizidesChanges from Salvatore
2013-02-28 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2013-02-27 hristov#100552: EMCal MC labels overflow and re-index bug...
2013-02-25 loizidescheck label
2013-02-21 loizidesupdate from Salvatore, Ruediger for some bug fixes
2013-02-18 morschUpdates
2013-02-15 loizidesFix from Megan
2013-02-14 loizidesup from Salvatore
2013-02-07 loizidesupdate/fixes from Salvatore
2013-02-04 morschUpdates Salvatore Aiola
2013-02-04 loizidespreparations for embedding (salvatore)
2013-02-04 loizideschanges for EP studies (Salvatore)
2013-02-02 loizidestypo
2013-01-30 loizidesset pass if needed by hand
2013-01-30 loizidesUpdates from Megan for pPb
2013-01-26 loizidesuse updated track type
2013-01-26 loizidesuse some other field for the track type than the label
2013-01-26 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2013-01-26 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2013-01-26 loizidesadd track type and use label for mc
2013-01-24 loizidestm possible
2013-01-23 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2013-01-03 loizidesChanges from Salvatore: Easier settings for tender...
2012-12-19 loizidesChanged to skim task.
2012-11-30 loizidesfix warning (thanks Laurent)
2012-11-12 kleinbfix for valgrind reports, mem leak and invalid read
2012-10-15 loizidesadded lhc12g (pPb)
2012-09-30 loizidesupdate from salvatore to include its refit tracks with...
2012-09-30 loizidesdata/mc labels
2012-09-30 loizidesup from salvatore
2012-09-28 morschUpdates
2012-09-20 loizidesconf tender
2012-09-19 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2012-09-17 loizidesselecting events with an high track in emcal (for flow...
2012-09-13 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2012-09-06 morschUdates
2012-09-03 loizidesimprovements in the base class (S.Aiola)
2012-09-02 loizidesSkim task settings