AliAODEvent::GetHeader now return AliVHeader
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG / EMCAL /
2014-10-18 saiolaAdd event count histogram
2014-10-18 saiolaAdd rejection reason histograms
2014-10-17 saiolaAcceptJet, AcceptParticle and AcceptCluster now return...
2014-10-08 loizidesmore runs req by Fredi
2014-10-08 mfaselFixes for L0 trigger
2014-10-08 mverweijprevent 2012 from picking up wrong geo name if default...
2014-10-08 mverweijonly use EMCAL+DCAL for run numbers larger 199161
2014-10-08 mfasel- Fix for the patch energy introduced in commit 05a42e4...
2014-10-07 loizidesCleanup. Logically should be the same as before. Some...
2014-10-07 mvlSet EMCAL+DCAL geometry for 2015
2014-10-03 mverweijremove cout
2014-10-03 mfaselAdd LHC13b2_efix MC samples
2014-09-26 mfaselFix compiler warnings
2014-09-26 mfaselInclude L0 trigger in the trigger maker and the trigger...
2014-09-16 mfaselBugfixes: - Do not remove MC Label in case of 0 - Add...
2014-09-16 mverweijincrease ClassDef
2014-09-15 mfasel- Incorporate changes from Jiri for the gamma trigger...
2014-09-15 saiolaFix typo
2014-09-11 saiolaAdd option to use pTdet instead of pTgen as denominator...
2014-09-04 saiolaAdd switch for sigma(1/pt) or sigma(pt)/pt
2014-09-03 saiolaFix binning of pt res axis
2014-09-03 saiolaRebin pt res plot
2014-09-02 mverweijadd possibily to select particles based on charge ...
2014-09-02 mverweijadd GetNAcceptedClusters() function
2014-08-21 gconesabadd option to remap AODs MC labels from old productions...
2014-08-16 saiolaRemove declaration without definition
2014-08-16 saiolaAdd pt resolution histograms (ESD analysis only)
2014-08-15 loizidesimplemented possibility to switch off messing with...
2014-08-03 mverweijprotection for case when centWidth is zero
2014-08-03 mverweijset default timing cuts LHC11h
2014-07-29 cyaldoRemoved hard coded histogram switch to allow turning...
2014-07-27 mverweijcorrect typo
2014-07-27 mverweijcorrect typo
2014-07-25 mverweijalso set default names of input cells and triggers...
2014-07-25 mverweijupdate filter bits AOD filter task (D. Lodato)
2014-07-23 saiolaAllow using a TF1 to introduce an artificial tracking...
2014-07-16 saiolaParticle min pt cut = 0 at generator level (don't affec...
2014-07-16 saiolaFix bug introduced with commit c04400125176f83a8af92dff...
2014-07-16 saiolaCoverity fix: CID 22038
2014-07-16 saiolaFix warning about dtata type
2014-07-15 saiolaUse variable bin sizes
2014-07-15 saiolaMove GenerateFixedBinArray to AliAnalysisTaskEmcal...
2014-07-13 saiolacopy generator index (AOD case)
2014-07-11 saiolaclear map before filling (AOD case)
2014-07-10 saiolaexpand particle map when needed
2014-07-10 saiolabug fix: the limit check on the upper bound was wrong
2014-07-10 saiolaseletc HIJING particles optional
2014-07-10 saiolause particle map
2014-07-10 saiolabug fix: particle map was not added to the event
2014-07-10 saiolachange fatals to errors
2014-07-10 saiolaby default set vertex cut
2014-07-10 saioladon't request physical primary for detector level
2014-07-10 saiolaDon't copy MC label for non-MC dataset (missed track...
2014-07-09 saiolaAdd option to select physical primaries
2014-07-09 saiolaNew tracking efficiency task that uses the EMCal jet...
2014-07-05 saiolaAllow filtering physical primary particles and (for...
2014-07-05 saiolaCopy MC info in PicoTrack
2014-07-05 saiolaAlways produce AliAODMCParticle, even in ESD analysis
2014-07-05 saioladont copy MC label if it's not a MC event (necessary...
2014-06-27 mverweijuse AliVCluster in example tasks
2014-06-24 mverweijAdd EMCal only (no jets) example task
2014-06-24 mverweijalways attempt propagation of not propagated AOD tracks
2014-06-22 mverweijupdate AOD track filter
2014-06-22 mverweijadd LHC11d to AOD track selection
2014-06-13 saiolaBug fix: tracks outside EMCal acceptance were propagate...
2014-06-13 saiolaautomatically fix cascade bug in LHC11h AOD145 using...
2014-06-12 saiolaadvance class version
2014-06-12 saiolaadd option for tasks that do not need the EMCal geometr...
2014-06-11 saiolarandom track rejection (tracking efficiency studies...
2014-06-08 saiolachange error to info as in AddTaskEmcalEsdTrackFilter.C
2014-06-08 saiolax section from pyxsec.root for productions that dont...
2014-06-05 mverweijprotect against zero pointer
2014-06-04 saiolaFix configuration of 3x3 clusterizer
2014-05-06 mverweijremove unnecessary AliEmcalJet include
2014-05-05 mverweijfill corresponding pt hard bin, bug fix
2014-05-02 mverweijprotection
2014-05-02 mverweijadd bookkeeping for on-the-fly pythia events
2014-05-02 mverweijadd xsec from header
2014-04-10 mverweijremove exotic cells by default. This makes the new...
2014-04-08 mverweijreturn clusterizer pointer
2014-04-03 dkeijdenAdded a bypass variable in the AddTaskEmcalPhysicsSelec...
2014-03-28 mverweijadd qa check
2014-03-27 mverweijvz cut not with utils
2014-03-27 mverweijchange order of bookkeeping events
2014-03-27 saiolaadd TPC-only track cuts support
2014-03-27 mverweijadd more data sets
2014-03-27 mverweijdisable calib for MC
2014-03-27 mverweijturn off energy and timing calibration for MC
2014-03-27 mverweijuse pointers to original objects stored in AliEmcalParticle
2014-03-27 mverweijadd getter for pt on emcal
2014-03-27 mverweijdisable exotic cell remove
2014-03-27 mverweijchange default max distance R to 0.1
2014-03-27 mverweijadd track efficiency dicing to Esd/Aod Filter, rename...
2014-03-27 mverweijupdates AddTask macros for workflow of cluster-track...
2014-03-27 mverweijsplit exotic cell and cluster removal setter
2014-03-27 mverweijset cells name
2014-03-27 mverweijmove SetMakeGeneralHistograms() to protected
2014-03-27 mverweijadd more data sets to automatic configuration
2014-03-27 mverweijsplit setters of exotic cells and clusters
2014-03-27 loizidesfix and printout for orig name