Add more histograms for shower shape studies
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG / FLOW /
2012-04-04 snellingnew correlators and reduced numbers of hist filled
2012-04-04 snellingoption to turn off some histograms
2012-04-02 snellingcleanup of couts and such
2012-03-29 snellingremove one set of flowcommon hists because it appears...
2012-03-23 snellingremove output from AliInfo
2012-03-20 snellingpatch to use pt differential flow at the task level
2012-03-14 snellingremoval debug statement
2012-03-14 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AliAnalysisTaskVnV0
2012-03-13 jgrosseonew task for QA, update to PID flow classes (Francesco...
2012-03-12 iselioujFrom Francesco: Removed TOF dependnecies in AliFlowBaye...
2012-03-10 snellingcoverity
2012-03-07 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AliFlowVZERO task
2012-03-07 snellingupdated phi flow analysis
2012-03-06 snellinganalysis train updates
2012-03-06 snellingupdate for train
2012-03-05 snellingcoverity
2012-03-04 snellingfixes warnings
2012-03-02 snellingupdates Francesco for warnings sprintf
2012-03-02 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliFlowVZEROResults class
2012-03-02 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliFlowVZEROResults, PID-VZERO...
2012-02-29 iselioujFrom Francesco: Update the Bayesian PID with dEdx for...
2012-02-27 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliAnalysisTaskVnV0 and macros
2012-02-23 snellingallow to reuse tracks
2012-02-23 iselioujUpdate from Francesco Noferini: AliFlowBayesianPID
2012-02-11 snellingwarnings fix
2012-02-10 snellingAOD handeling, added mass to the flowtracks, new task...
2012-02-09 iselioujfrom Natasha Sharma: added pid cut for He-3
2012-02-09 iselioujAdded method to get the Bayesian PID response
2012-02-02 snellingpackage for phi meson flow analysis
2012-01-31 iselioujMoving/split PWG2/FLOW to PWGCF/FLOW, PWG/FLOW/Base...