updated multiplicity analysis for the INEL>0 case
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 / AliCorrectionMatrix.h
2009-12-18 jgrosseofunction to reset stat error on corrections
2008-01-21 jgrosseomerging post-CVS changes into SVN:
2006-12-07 ekmanAdded Add method to the various correction classes...
2006-12-01 jgrosseoadding class AliCorrection that comprises a correction...
2006-10-05 jgrosseoAdded Reset function
2006-08-15 jgrosseoeffc++ changes
2006-07-10 jgrosseoo) added selector for multiplicity distribution
2006-06-14 jgrosseoa lot of work on the analysis
2006-06-13 jgrosseorenamed CorrectionMatrix class