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fading out dependent helper (AliPWG0depHelper)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 / AliPWG0Helper.h
2007-12-04 jgrosseofading out dependent helper (AliPWG0depHelper)
2007-04-30 jgrosseoadding second trigger definition to function IsEventTri...
2006-12-01 jgrosseoadding class AliCorrection that comprises a correction...
2006-11-13 jgrosseoremoving unneeded include
2006-10-05 jgrosseomoved AliSelector, AliSelectorRL to STEER
2006-09-18 ekman* Changed the trigger bias correction scheme (added...
2006-08-15 jgrosseoeffc++ changes
2006-07-10 jgrosseoo) added selector for multiplicity distribution
2006-06-26 jgrosseoupdated drawplots macro
2006-06-15 jgrosseomore plots
2006-06-14 jgrosseoa lot of work on the analysis
2006-06-13 jgrosseoimplemented analysis using 3d information (vtx_z, eta...
2006-06-13 jgrosseoclass with static analysis helper functions