Adding flexibility to submission macros
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 / dNdPt / AlidNdPtAnalysis.cxx
2011-04-14 jotwinow-- changes for mean pT vs multiplicity studies (M....
2011-04-13 jotwinow-- trigger selecion changed
2011-04-05 jotwinow-- changes by Michael Knichel
2011-03-09 jotwinow- centrality dimension added (Michael Knichel)
2011-01-30 jotwinow- new functionality to select candle events
2010-11-28 jotwinowchange histogram bining
2010-11-28 jotwinowTPC tracks and ZDC centrality selection (Michael and...
2010-11-19 jotwinownew bining and centrality selection Jacek Otwinowski...
2010-11-05 jotwinowmodified histo ranges
2010-11-01 jotwinowchanged bining
2010-11-01 jotwinowupdate to run TPC+ITS analysis
2010-07-12 jotwinowwarning removal
2010-05-07 jotwinowprotection against NULL pointer
2010-04-29 jotwinowcurrent status of dNdPt analysis code
2010-03-25 jotwinowadditional functionality
2010-03-18 jotwinowcall back function to fill 0 bin
2010-03-15 jotwinowrevert changes
2010-03-15 jotwinowdNdPt analysis update for preliminary spectra
2010-03-02 jotwinownew functionality and new class added
2010-01-22 jotwinowbug fix
2010-01-21 jotwinowsmall updates
2010-01-18 jotwinowfix coding rules violations and bug fix
2010-01-16 jotwinowfix coding rules violation
2010-01-15 jotwinownew triggered event selection + small corrections
2010-01-12 jotwinowtrigger and new tracking scenario
2009-12-21 jotwinowsmall corrections
2009-12-11 jotwinowtrigger class selection and more histograms added
2009-11-22 jgrosseofactoring out AliTriggerAnalysis class
2009-11-19 jotwinowremoved duplications in AlidNdPtHelper and AliPWG0Helpe...
2009-11-17 jotwinowwarning removal
2009-11-17 jotwinowdNdPt analysis