Add SetOwner() for output lists
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 / libPWG0selectors.pkg
2010-04-21 jgrosseoremoving TPC analysis classes from end 2006
2010-01-11 hristovInclude files also from PWG0/eventStats
2009-12-14 jgrosseoupdate of iPhysicsSelection supporting histograms for...
2009-11-19 jgrosseomoving dndpt classes to base library (Jacek)
2009-11-17 hristovFix for CMake
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-17 jotwinowdNdPt analysis
2009-11-13 jgrosseoadding class to trigger offline on content of the ESD
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2008-07-17 jgrosseoremoval of obsolete selector based class
2008-05-30 hristovlibPWG0selectors depends on libANAYSISalice
2008-05-15 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2007-12-04 jgrosseofading out dependent helper (AliPWG0depHelper)
2007-06-11 jgrosseoAliPWG0depHelper: function to find mother among the...
2006-12-01 ekmanadded selector for TPC cluster analysis
2006-11-13 jgrosseoadding raw cluster class
2006-11-08 ekmanadded skeleton for AliROCRawAnalysis and a few other...
2006-11-06 jgrosseoadding TPC cosmics selector based on ESD
2006-10-05 jgrosseomoved AliSelector, AliSelectorRL to STEER
2006-09-05 jgrosseoupdating makefile to include evgen headers to compile...
2006-07-26 jgrosseoadding multipicity from mc, and creation of correlation...
2006-07-24 jgrosseoadding selector that creates histograms needed for...
2006-07-10 jgrosseoo) added selector for multiplicity distribution
2006-05-30 jgrosseoo) compiles again :)
2006-05-26 jgrosseoo) adding log tags to all files