Adding flexibility to submission macros
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2011-04-21 mflorisUpdated trigger study class for normalization studies...
2011-03-17 mflorisSome changes for the candle
2011-03-11 mflorisChanges on the centrality binning
2011-01-14 mflorisMacro to run over all centrality bins
2011-01-14 mflorisChanges for event-by-event and cosmetics
2010-11-30 mflorisremoved a relic debug hack in previous commit
2010-11-25 mflorisV0 rescaling in MC and multiple bins in correct.C
2010-11-24 mflorisAliAnalysisMultPbCentralitySelector:
2010-11-24 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-16 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-15 mfloris- Removed explicit fakes
2010-11-13 mflorisCorrection vs [pt,vz] and beam gas cut by francesco
2010-11-12 mflorisCorrection in 2D (pt vs Vz)
2010-11-12 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-10 mflorisAliAnalysisMultPbCentralitySelector
2010-11-10 mflorisCreateAlienHandlerTrigger:
2010-11-08 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy:
2010-11-07 mflorisAdded physics selection with custom triggers to the...
2010-11-06 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy:
2010-11-05 mflorisUsing custom helper centrality class. Can now run with...
2010-11-05 mflorisRunning on grid should work
2010-11-05 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy
2010-11-05 mflorisMain Updates:
2010-11-03 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy: Added code for trigger...
2010-11-02 mflorisTask to study the different trigger classes.
2010-11-01 mflorisAdding absolute paths to macros, fitting DCA with 3...
2010-11-01 mflorisChanges to improve performance while running over MC
2010-11-01 mflorisImplemented usage of AliESDCentrality classes
2010-10-31 mflorisChanges to make the macro compilable + fit of DCA with...
2010-10-29 mflorisClasses for track-based multiplicity analysis in PbPb...