Fix for CMake
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 / multiplicity /
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-07-14 jgrosseosmall bug fixes
2009-05-06 jgrosseochanged histogram limits in multiplicity analysis
2009-02-25 jgrosseorefactoring multiplicity analysis
2009-02-23 jgrosseoadding offline triggers
2009-02-18 fcaA modification was recently introduced in ANALYSIS...
2008-09-10 jgrosseoremoving checking of vertex resolution in getvertex
2008-09-10 jgrosseoadding trigger as flag
2008-07-31 jgrosseoreplaced THXF to THX in many function prototypes
2008-07-28 hristovUsing TMath::Log instead of log
2008-07-17 jgrosseoupdate of multiplicity analysis
2008-06-17 jgrosseomoving class
2008-06-16 jgrosseocode cleanup
2008-06-09 jgrosseomoving file
2008-05-30 jgrosseopossibility to read process type from phojet events...
2008-05-23 jgrosseofixed 2 warnings
2008-05-21 jgrosseofixing warnings
2008-03-31 jgrosseoupdate to comply with new GetLabel function
2008-01-11 jgrosseosome fixes/improvements while moving to new ESD format
2008-01-10 jgrosseoremoving call TTree::SetCacheSize
2007-12-04 jgrosseorewrote task, no defines needed anymore
2007-11-21 jgrosseoremoval of a few debug lines
2007-11-20 jgrosseoconverted multiplicity selector into task