Fix Coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 /
2011-12-15 jotwinowdown scaling of low-pT tracks
2011-12-12 jotwinownew cuts implemented
2011-11-16 jotwinownew cut scenario
2011-11-15 jotwinowbug fix double deletion
2011-10-20 jgrosseonumber of iterations as a tunable parameter (Marta V)
2011-10-13 mflorisAdded lambdas to PID histos
2011-10-13 mflorisAdding possibility to use PID, + routine updates
2011-09-19 jgrosseotypo
2011-09-07 jgrosseofix in error estimation
2011-09-06 shahoianFix in HaveCommonParent routine, updated version of...
2011-08-25 mflorisUpdates to the trigger study class
2011-08-09 hristovCoverity 17477,17478
2011-08-03 jotwinowClone finctionality removed
2011-08-02 jotwinow-- new trigger mask implemented
2011-08-02 jotwinow-- new class to store track tree
2011-07-29 jgrosseofabs --> TMath::Abs (Marta V)
2011-07-29 jgrosseoExtension of unfolding procedures (Marco vL, Marta V)
2011-07-16 hristovMoving the classes that belong to the following librari...
2011-06-06 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-04 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-03 jotwinowcoverity
2011-05-15 jotwinowprotection agains wrong labels
2011-05-11 jotwinowmodification added
2011-05-11 hristovCoverity
2011-05-10 jotwinowupdates in dNdPt analysis classes
2011-05-09 jotwinowadd new histogram
2011-05-07 jotwinowmodification be Michael Knichel
2011-05-06 jotwinow- new clesses added
2011-05-06 aagocsFirst Physics Group analysis class.
2011-05-04 jotwinowprotection against wrong esd track labels
2011-05-02 jotwinowcode cleaning and addition Michael Knichel and Jacek...
2011-05-02 jotwinow-- modified cut analysis for Pb-Pb
2011-04-29 mflorisCoverity fix
2011-04-21 shahoianAdded version tailored for pp (AliTrackletTaskMultipp...
2011-04-21 mflorisUpdated trigger study class for normalization studies...
2011-04-20 shahoianAdapted the code to run with pp data w/o bg. generation
2011-04-14 jotwinow-- changes for mean pT vs multiplicity studies (M....
2011-04-13 jotwinow-- trigger selecion changed
2011-04-12 shahoianUpdated to use AliCentrality and to allow for asymmetri...
2011-04-12 mflorisCoverity Fix
2011-04-07 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-04-05 jotwinow-- changes by Michael Knichel
2011-03-31 jgrosseocoverity fixes (Chiara)
2011-03-31 jgrosseoremoving obsolete class
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-17 mflorisSome changes for the candle
2011-03-11 jotwinow- reduce size of the histograms (M. Knichel)
2011-03-11 mflorisChanges on the centrality binning
2011-03-09 jotwinow- centrality dimension added (Michael Knichel)
2011-03-09 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-02-28 jgrosseocoverity fixes (C. Zampolli)
2011-02-16 jgrosseowarning fixes
2011-02-15 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-02-14 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-01-30 jotwinow- new functionality to select candle events
2011-01-28 mflorisFix coverity 14232
2011-01-27 shahoianadded macros used for plotting
2011-01-26 hristovCorrection for bug #77355: Generation of PARs
2011-01-19 jgrosseofixing previous commit which inverted some functionality
2011-01-18 hristovFixed compilation
2011-01-18 jgrosseosome small fixes (Chiara)
2011-01-17 jgrosseobug fix
2011-01-17 jgrosseosmall updates to the multiplicity code
2011-01-16 hristovPartial restoration of the par file functionallity
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 mflorisMacro to run over all centrality bins
2011-01-14 mflorisChanges for event-by-event and cosmetics
2011-01-12 hristovRestored correspondence between CMake and makefile
2011-01-03 morschAliESDCentrality replaced by AliCentrality
2010-12-14 jgrosseowarning fix
2010-12-08 shahoianFull package used for dN/dEta vs centrality analysis...
2010-12-03 jotwinowremove obsolate macro
2010-12-03 jotwinowgenerate and apply corrections fo PbPb analysis (Michae...
2010-11-30 mflorisremoved a relic debug hack in previous commit
2010-11-28 jotwinowinclease AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPb class version and clean...
2010-11-28 jotwinowchange histogram bining
2010-11-28 jotwinowTPC tracks and ZDC centrality selection (Michael and...
2010-11-26 jotwinowZDC centrality selection (Jochen and Michael)
2010-11-26 jotwinowclean task
2010-11-25 mflorisV0 rescaling in MC and multiple bins in correct.C
2010-11-24 mflorisAliAnalysisMultPbCentralitySelector:
2010-11-24 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-23 jotwinownew cuts and proper TPC+ITS observables selection
2010-11-20 jotwinownew classes for tracking efficiency
2010-11-20 jotwinowevaluate tracking efficiency
2010-11-20 jotwinowTPC-ITS tracking for Pb-Pb
2010-11-19 jotwinownew bining and centrality selection Jacek Otwinowski...
2010-11-16 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-15 mfloris- Removed explicit fakes
2010-11-14 jotwinowchanges in centrality selection Michael and Jochen
2010-11-14 jotwinowcheck secondaries from material
2010-11-13 mflorisCorrection vs [pt,vz] and beam gas cut by francesco
2010-11-13 jotwinowmacro to run cut studies in PbPb
2010-11-13 jotwinowDCA cut studied in PbPb
2010-11-13 jotwinowTPC only cut modification
2010-11-12 mflorisCorrection in 2D (pt vs Vz)
2010-11-12 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-11 jotwinowMC strange particles selection added
2010-11-11 jotwinownew class for PbPb cut analysis
2010-11-11 jotwinowcut analysis for PbPb