Handle missing rec-point tree in a uniform way: return null pointer to TEvePointSet.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG0 /
2008-05-09 cvetanFirst step towards reading of the new RCU firmware...
2008-05-06 jgrosseoadding macro that applies the corrections and visualize...
2008-04-24 jgrosseoadding event statistics
2008-04-09 hristovUsing ARCH instead of PLATFORM
2008-03-31 jgrosseoupdate to comply with new GetLabel function
2008-03-31 jgrosseoadding delta phi study
2008-03-23 morschESDfilter task moved to ANALYSISalice
2008-03-23 morschMoved to ANALYSISalice
2008-03-16 fcaeffc++ warnings corrected
2008-03-16 fcaeffc++ warnings corrected
2008-03-14 jgrosseoadding delta phi control plots for tracklets
2008-03-12 jgrosseoadded correction for 0 multiplicity bin
2008-01-29 jgrosseoadded histograms for stats about the vertex, and delta...
2008-01-28 jgrosseoadded debug mode for GetVertex
2008-01-28 jgrosseoadded correction for events with vertex but 0 tracks
2008-01-28 jgrosseoadded eta cut for mc result
2008-01-22 jgrosseoAliCutTask uses global cut initialization
2008-01-22 jgrosseonew macro that prints esd cuts statistics
2008-01-21 jgrosseoadded new enum that describes the type of analysis...
2008-01-21 jgrosseomerging post-CVS changes into SVN:
2008-01-20 jgrosseoadded syst. study for diff. process types
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2008-01-11 jgrosseoadded function from Christian to enable branches with...
2008-01-11 jgrosseoAdding pt and eta control plots, increasing ClassDef...
2008-01-11 jgrosseosmall bugfix
2008-01-11 jgrosseosome fixes/improvements while moving to new ESD format
2008-01-11 jgrosseoadding cut study of primaries vs. secondaries
2008-01-10 jgrosseoremoving call TTree::SetCacheSize
2007-12-14 morschUpdates to STEERBase head.
2007-12-04 jgrosseoadded generation of trigger map
2007-12-04 jgrosseoremoving PWG0depHelper
2007-12-04 jgrosseorewrote task, no defines needed anymore
2007-12-04 jgrosseoadding contamination and mb-comparison study
2007-12-04 jgrosseoadding trigger statistics
2007-12-04 jgrosseofading out dependent helper (AliPWG0depHelper)
2007-11-27 jgrosseoenable branches of new esd
2007-11-26 hristovUsing the new ZDC-related methods
2007-11-23 jgrosseoadding support for AliESDEvent in AliESDtrackCuts
2007-11-21 jgrosseoremoval of a few debug lines
2007-11-20 jgrosseoconverted multiplicity selector into task
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-10-29 alibraryintroducing the all-MODULE target by default
2007-10-29 jgrosseocoding conventions
2007-09-28 morschRedundant lines removed.
2007-08-23 jgrosseoadding selector to generate trigger map
2007-08-23 jgrosseogenerate spectrum from N SPD FO triggers
2007-08-23 jgrosseoStarted to make general unfolding class (only header...
2007-08-23 jgrosseocleaning up configuration parameters, summary plots
2007-08-21 morschProtections added (M. Gheata)
2007-08-21 morschCorrect includes (M. Gheata)
2007-08-21 morschLoad libANALYSIS (M. Gheata)
2007-08-21 morschAliAnalysisTaskESDfilter added.
2007-08-15 morschClass implements interface AliAnalysisCuts.
2007-08-15 morschESD to AOD filtering task.
2007-08-15 morschAll generator headers are in STEER now.
2007-08-14 jgrosseoadapting to renaming of functions in AliExternalTrackParam
2007-07-30 jgrosseocoding conventions
2007-07-30 jgrosseoimplemented function that determines the mult. where...
2007-07-23 jgrosseomodifying pt spectrum by using random generator instead...
2007-07-19 jgrosseoadded study for bayesian uncertainty
2007-07-11 jgrosseomoving esd selector to aliselector (not RL)
2007-06-27 jgrosseobug fix in AliCorrection
2007-06-21 jgrosseofix for change in def. of AliDebug + removed warnings
2007-06-15 jgrosseochange to comply with new ROOT version on the CAF
2007-06-12 jgrosseoadding vtx to result tree
2007-06-11 jgrosseoAliPWG0depHelper: function to find mother among the...
2007-05-18 jgrosseoadding selector for high multiplicity trigger study
2007-04-30 jgrosseoadding second trigger definition to function IsEventTri...
2007-04-11 jgrosseoo) Performance studies added (mainly in runMultiplicity...
2007-03-27 jgrosseoadding calculation covariance matrix to bayesian method
2007-03-27 jgrosseoAdding draw and Print function to AliESDtrackCuts
2007-03-27 jgrosseonew aliroot path on CAF
2007-02-08 jgrosseochanging binning
2007-02-08 jgrosseoadded debug option
2007-02-05 jgrosseofixing wrong EOL
2007-02-05 jgrosseoadded method to apply detector response on an arbitrary...
2007-02-02 alibraryIncludes required by ROOT head
2007-02-01 alibraryMore mods to suit ROOT head
2007-01-25 jgrosseoremoving old AliMultiplicityCorrectionSelector
2007-01-25 ekmanimplemented first version of bayesian unfolding
2007-01-24 jgrosseointroducing multiplicity measurement with the ITS or TPC
2007-01-24 jgrosseosmall fix, enhanced comments
2007-01-24 jgrosseomoving to new PROOF api
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2006-12-20 jgrosseoChristmas cleanup :)
2006-12-13 jgrosseoadded eta range
2006-12-13 ekmanFixed bug (particle defined later)
2006-12-12 ekmanAdded new scripts to:
2006-12-12 ekmanAdded get 1d correction and get 2d correction methods...
2006-12-07 ekmanAdded Add method to the various correction classes...
2006-12-06 jgrosseoreduced to 6 standard plots
2006-12-05 jgrosseoadapting pt cut off correction to new correction schema
2006-12-05 jgrosseoadded constructors
2006-12-04 ekmanChanged selector to fit with the new AlidNdEtaCorrectio...
2006-12-04 jgrosseocompatibility with release and HEAD
2006-12-01 jgrosseosmall fix that were forgotten in last commit
2006-12-01 jgrosseoadapting dndeta analysis to new AliCorrection schema
2006-12-01 jgrosseoadding class AliCorrection that comprises a correction...
2006-12-01 ekmanadded selector for TPC cluster analysis
2006-12-01 ekmanAdded classes to analyse TPC data from reconstructed...