A-side support
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2006-11-06 jgrosseoadding ChainToTextList function
2006-11-06 ekmanadded multiplicity correction selector.
2006-11-06 jgrosseoupdated script to run systematic studies
2006-11-06 jgrosseoadding TPC cosmics selector based on ESD
2006-11-06 jgrosseomore plots
2006-11-06 jgrosseosystematics can be studied for only positively or negat...
2006-11-06 jgrosseoadded histograms for dndeta from triggered, triggered...
2006-11-06 jgrosseocommenting ML members
2006-11-06 jgrosseoadding helper function to count empty bins in AliCorrec...
2006-10-23 ekmanAdded n sigma-to-vertex histogram and theoretical funct...
2006-10-12 ekmanUpdated the DrawVertexRecoSyst function a bit.
2006-10-12 jgrosseoupdated plots
2006-10-11 jgrosseoremoving AliSelector, AliSelectorRL that has been moved...
2006-10-05 jgrosseomoved AliSelector, AliSelectorRL to STEER
2006-10-05 jgrosseofixing wrong define
2006-10-05 jgrosseochanging order of library loading
2006-10-05 jgrosseofixed copy constructor
2006-10-05 jgrosseoAdded Reset function
2006-10-05 jgrosseoempty selector that can be used as basis to build analy...
2006-10-03 jgrosseoadded trigger plots
2006-10-03 ekmanadded a couple of functions
2006-09-25 ekmanchanged method names and added triggerbias syst study.
2006-09-18 ekman* Changed the trigger bias correction scheme (added...
2006-09-08 ekmanAdded function to merge standard correction with vertex...
2006-09-06 ekmanAdded name when constructing AliESDtrackCuts object
2006-09-06 ekmanAdded default constructor
2006-09-06 ekmanAdded selector to check esd track cuts.
2006-09-05 jgrosseoupdating makefile to include evgen headers to compile...
2006-09-05 ekmanAdded Merge method and implemented destructor
2006-09-04 ekmanadded vertex reco systematic stuff.
2006-09-01 jgrosseoupdated plots
2006-08-31 jgrosseoChanges:
2006-08-29 jgrosseoupdating particle composition systematic study
2006-08-29 ekmanfixed effc++ warnings
2006-08-28 jgrosseosmall fix
2006-08-28 jgrosseointroducing monalisa monitoring
2006-08-15 jgrosseoeffc++ changes
2006-08-09 jgrosseofinalized particle composition study macros
2006-08-09 jgrosseoadded function that writes a lookedup chain back to...
2006-08-01 jgrosseoadding multiplicity correction (simple gaussian method)
2006-08-01 jgrosseosmall fixes
2006-08-01 jgrosseotemporary workaround for PROOF bug #18505
2006-07-27 jgrosseoadding support for PWG0dep.par PROOF archive
2006-07-26 jgrosseosmall fixes
2006-07-26 jgrosseoadding multipicity from mc, and creation of correlation...
2006-07-26 jgrosseofixing (finally) the nsigma to vertex cut
2006-07-26 jgrosseoadding nsigma study
2006-07-24 jgrosseoadding selector that creates histograms needed for...
2006-07-24 jgrosseodebug options works now also with derived classes
2006-07-24 jgrosseocorrect deletion of tree
2006-07-24 jgrosseomore debug histograms
2006-07-19 jgrosseoadded CountAcceptedTracks function
2006-07-19 jgrosseoimplemented destructors
2006-07-19 jgrosseodebug is read from option string
2006-07-10 jgrosseoo) added selector for multiplicity distribution
2006-07-04 jgrosseoadded possibility to loop only over particles with...
2006-07-04 jgrosseoserialization fix
2006-07-03 jgrosseominor changes to improve serializability
2006-06-26 jgrosseoupdated drawplots macro
2006-06-15 jgrosseosome bug fixes
2006-06-15 jgrosseomore plots
2006-06-14 jgrosseoa lot of work on the analysis
2006-06-14 jgrosseoupdating makefile to build all PWG0libs
2006-06-13 jgrosseoimplemented analysis using 3d information (vtx_z, eta...
2006-06-13 ekmanAdded class to check reconstruction versus MC (producin...
2006-06-13 jgrosseoremoving obsolete makefile
2006-06-13 jgrosseonew way of creating the corrections: 3d as function...
2006-06-13 jgrosseoclass with static analysis helper functions
2006-06-13 jgrosseorenamed CorrectionMatrix class
2006-06-13 jgrosseonew way of calculation Nsigma correction
2006-06-13 ekmanAdded AlidNdEtaCorrection (new procedure).
2006-06-12 jgrosseosmall fix
2006-06-12 jgrosseoo) proper splitting of STEER dependent classes (PWG0dep...
2006-06-09 tpogosPt vs Eta correction map at different z of vertex ...
2006-06-09 tpogossmall fix (martin)
2006-06-08 alibraryAdding the target PWG0-all
2006-06-07 jgrosseocoding conventions
2006-06-02 jgrosseoo) splitted analysis and correction of dneta
2006-06-02 ekmanchanged to new library
2006-06-02 ekmancalled sumw2
2006-06-02 ekmanchanged calculation of n_sigma to vertex (again...).
2006-05-31 jgrosseoo) new way of calculating the final dndeta
2006-05-31 ekmanfixed the way the event bias selection is done
2006-05-30 jgrosseoadding vertex recon eff selector
2006-05-30 jgrosseoo) more debug histograms
2006-05-30 jgrosseoo) compiles again :)
2006-05-30 ekmanchanged saving of files
2006-05-30 ekmanremoved old ESDtrack cuts class and updated AliESDtrack...
2006-05-30 ekmanfixed small "bug" leading to floating point exception...
2006-05-30 ekmanadded merge method and changed to CorrectionMatrix2d...
2006-05-30 ekmanmany small changes...
2006-05-29 jgrosseoremoving commented lines and header from tchain
2006-05-29 ekmanadded Merge method (needed for PROOF) and removed ratio...
2006-05-29 jgrosseoo) moving includes to cxx
2006-05-29 jgrosseomoving header files to cxx
2006-05-29 jgrosseofunction to return the RunLoader instead of AliRun
2006-05-29 ekmancoding violation fixes
2006-05-29 ekmancoding violation fixes
2006-05-29 panosRemoving ; from CorrectionMatrix2D.cxx - compilation...
2006-05-26 jgrosseoo) adding log tags to all files