Coverity fixes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / CalibMacros /
2011-11-22 rpreghenTRD update
2011-11-17 rpreghenupdates in TRD
2011-11-13 jotwinowchange settings from low flux to high flux
2011-11-12 jotwinowset max for the cluster in the production (Alexander...
2011-11-11 rpreghenphysics selection -> OFF in TOF calib task
2011-11-10 rpreghenTRD update: adjustment of the validate threshold for...
2011-11-08 rpreghenadded baseline macros and scripts for merge+makeOCDB...
2011-11-07 marianUsing the RecoParam from the OCDB as a baseline
2011-11-04 rpreghenupdate to cpass0 executable scripts. current implementa...
2011-11-04 rpreghenTRD updates
2011-11-02 marianChanging of the name of container
2011-11-02 marianmacros update (taken from current AliEn production...
2011-11-01 marian31/11/2011 - added PWG1/macros/AddTaskITSAlign.C to...
2011-09-06 hristovFix for #86401 port to Release code for Pass0
2011-08-22 daineseUpdate (Davide)
2011-07-25 daineseClass and macro to update the OCDB with the MeanVertex...
2011-07-21 marianmoving AddTaskMeanVertexCalib.C
2011-07-18 mariankeep the syswatch.log
2011-07-18 marianmerge.C - local cache - done with timeout
2011-07-12 marianFixed TRD part of make OCDB
2011-07-11 marianTRD changes for the makeOCDB.C
2011-07-11 marianAdding the new filtering mask -
2011-07-11 marianREADME - OCDB entries to be exported in Pass0
2011-07-09 marian+ New AliRoot revison
2011-07-08 marianrecPass0.C - reconstruct everything
2011-04-28 jotwinowTOF task added (Chiara Zampolli)
2011-04-16 marianscript to download the set of the alien files
2011-04-16 marianremoving osolete macros
2011-04-16 marianmergeCustom.C - adding macros...
2011-04-16 marianAdding the TOF and T0 to the Pass0
2011-04-15 hristovMove the calibration macros to PWG1 (Marian)