TrainSetup version of official QA train
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / PilotTrain /
2011-07-21 agheatanew version of PWG1 QA train using interaction triggers...
2011-07-19 esickingAdded tasks for Emcal trigger and Muon trigger
2011-06-22 esickingAllow to pass trigger mask value as parameter to AddTas...
2011-06-22 morschQA task for PID
2011-03-22 agheatanew T0 QA from Alla
2011-02-16 agheataAdded new ZDC QA task (Chiara)
2011-01-25 agheatanew version adding iCollisionType flag taken into acoun...
2011-01-17 agheatachanges for high multiplicity (J.Otwinowski)
2011-01-13 agheatanew version of the QA
2010-12-21 agheataNew version of pilot train
2010-12-10 agheatanew PilotTrain.C containing centrality
2010-12-10 agheatasmall fix
2010-12-10 agheatanew PilotAnalysis containing the centrality task
2010-12-09 agheataCentrality task now compiled in PWG1 library
2010-12-03 morschCentrality task added. (J. Thaeder, M. Gheata)
2010-11-02 agheatanew version (Mihaela)
2010-10-15 agheataRegister extra file trending.root
2010-10-15 agheataSelectCollisionCandidates for TPC task
2010-10-15 agheataTPC wagon modified
2010-10-15 agheatamodified macro for simulation
2010-10-15 agheataAdded TPC dEdX QA, fixed few other things
2010-10-04 agheataNew working version of CDBconnect task. Has to be run...
2010-10-01 agheataAdded task for CDB connection, loading magnetic field...
2010-09-30 agheataNew version of the QA train macro.
2010-09-29 agheataNew version of PilotAnalysis.C macro.
2010-09-14 esickingchanges for updated AliESDtrackCuts for ITS stand alone...
2010-08-24 esickingsetters for tasks which limit the multiplicity of event...
2010-08-24 esickingadditional sub task using global tracks with a high...
2010-08-24 agheataA macro to test the output size in memory based on...
2010-08-23 agheataMacro uset to plot the resident and virtual memory...
2010-08-20 agheataRemoved setting analysis manager verbosity, which is...
2010-08-19 agheataNew configuration for the TRD train.
2010-07-28 morschUpdated QA Train steering macros. (M. Gheata)
2010-05-27 morschdEdxSSDAQA added to PilotAnalysis
2010-05-26 morschSSD QA Task for dedx
2010-05-26 esickingCorrection of SA track rejection
2010-05-26 esickingSplit task for ITS tracks: 1. ITS tracks with TPC partn...
2010-04-27 morschMost PWG1 AddTask macros used in the pilot QA train...
2010-04-12 esickingTask: In order to prevent memory leaks, TPConly tracks...
2010-04-01 morschOne more plot.
2010-03-19 morschUpdates for SPD QA
2010-03-15 morschUpdates (M. Gheata)
2010-03-08 morschUpdate. (A&M Gheata)
2010-03-04 morschUpdates for TRD
2010-03-03 abercucitrain ready for Pilot integration with all wagons
2010-02-26 morschBug fixes.
2010-02-26 morschBug fixes.
2010-02-26 morschNew wagons added.
2010-02-25 morschWagons added.
2010-02-17 morschUpdates.
2010-01-08 morschMoved to PWG1/ITS
2010-01-08 morschObsolete.
2010-01-06 morschPilot analysis using the plugin. (M. Gheata)
2010-01-06 morschUpdates for physics selection.
2009-12-16 morschPosting slot 1
2009-12-15 morschSpecial event handler used.
2009-12-15 morschAvoid run number
2009-12-15 morschOCDB access at the first selected event when run number...
2009-12-15 morschUpdate to accept all collision candidates.
2009-12-15 morschMichele Floris's background rejection connected to...
2009-12-15 morschFirst working version
2009-12-15 morschSDD task added
2009-12-15 morsch- SDD task added
2009-12-14 morschPilot Train first version