- changes by Markus Koehler
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG1 / TPC / AliPerformanceMatch.cxx
2011-10-18 jotwinow- changes by Markus Koehler
2011-08-08 jotwinowTHnSpase merging switch added in AliPerformanceObject...
2011-08-03 jotwinow-- changes by Weilin
2011-04-01 jotwinowcoverity fixes
2010-10-28 jotwinowchanges to include AliPerformanceMach component (Michae...
2010-10-10 jotwinowbug fix
2010-03-19 marianProtection against zerro pointer
2010-01-12 jotwinowtrigger conditions added
2009-12-12 jotwinowtriger class selsction added
2009-11-29 jotwinowmodifications related to primary track selection
2009-11-27 jotwinowTPC efficiency wrt ITS added (A.Kalwait and J. Otwinowski)
2009-11-07 jotwinowmove all TPC related classes